How do I get Event Keys?

Each Monday, I looked forward to a method to obtain Event Keys. For example, eliminate red enemies in PVP for event points. Eventually I would have enough points to claim some keys. Since the latest update, I haven’t seen the opportunity.

Will that feature be brought back soon?

Otherwise, how does one get Event Keys without an Event?

Weekly event is removed along with daily tasks and replaced with Adventure Boards that could possibly give you event keys.
Other than that 10 event keys you can buy with glory every week at 180 glory per key in the shop menu.
They can be obtained as rewards for week long guild modes - Raids, Invasions, Tower of Doom.
Some amount you can get from guild tasks too, I think from it’s from later green tasks…

That’s a shame. I don’t want to join a Guild. Oh, well.

Most of this game’s economy is based around being in a guild and getting free resources when any of 30 members contribute gold to it, or finish a reward tier in events.
You are missing out on hundreds of free gems and keys weekly.


Event chests are also purchaseable with Gems. (This is probably the intention behind removing the guaranteed weekly keys from the Event Stone events. It’s another Gem sink.)