How do I find out if my guild is active?

I’ve been through like 10 guilds and no one uses the guild chat, the guild war is not online, so how do I find out if the guild is active or not?

I just care about the resources, I want the free stuff.

Most guilds ask you contribute gold so there is no “free stuff”

Beyond that i recommend looking thru the recruitment threads on here for the platform you play on and apply to any that fit your play style

Good luck


Once in a guild you can use amount of seals collected to see who’s been playing. I am a ps4 guild leader that keeps in contact with my guildmate providing advice when needed or not lol

Which guild?

If you where talking to me my Guild is The Brotherhood Ranked in 500’s we are a Kingdom 1st guild so I have everyone mostly working on kingdoms so they can compete in guildwars. I recruit anyone that’s active mostly newer players and show them the ropes. Not really trophy focused because they really do not mean anything it’s a silly system that needs work leaderboard should reflect a average of all guild members W/L records.


Thank you @Spider and yes i was asking you… Do you have an open spot for a player who just started yesterday?


see do ppl donate gold in the guild roster or not, but actually if nobody says even a “welcome anoligarh” in the guild chat its probably not a guild worth staying

i suggest you search for an active guild in global chat nr1 in game, or in this forum PC/mobile recruitment section (or XboX recruitment, PS4 recruitment depending on your platform )

im moving this to PC/mobile recruitment (since you placed it in pc/mobile gameplay chat) to help you get some free offers :slight_smile:

We are a very active guild. How much gold, trophies and seals do you do?