How do I connect with my guild on Discord?

I’m new to discord and don’t intend to use it regularly. However, my pc packed it in yesterday and I need to let my guild know! I’m a member of Masters of Orion, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get a message to them. Can anyone help me?

So, I don’t see a discord link in your guild’s recruitment message, which means you’ll have to ask in guild chat for the link.
Once you get that, simply enter it to your browser and log in. You could also tell your guildmates your discord profile so they could send you the link in the app.

thanks so much for replying - I’ve seen my guild mention discord, but I don’t have access to my steam account or the game/guild chat until I get my pc fixed or replaced, otherwise I’d just message them there. It was a long shot. I guess they’ll either be patient and wait or kick me out!

You can log into discord using your phone. You can also play GoW on your phone too; you can easily switch between PC and mobile. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much for the advice and help, but i don’t have a smart phone and all the other machines in the house have other people’s steam accounts on them that I don’t want to mess up.

You can freely switch between different Steam accounts on a single device. I’ve done it frequently with my brother and it doesn’t mess up anything on either account.
Log out of A; long into B; log out of B; log into A…for as long as one wants.


thanks Dust_Angel that sounds promising - how does that work with installing the games?

I mean if we just used teh same windows profile could we have all our separate games will links on the desktop with no problems or would I need to set up my own user profile?

Gems of War links the profile to the Steam account. If you log in with your Steam account you get your Gems of War profile, if someone else logs in with their Steam account they get their Gems of War profile.


that makes sense, and I suppose it is a free game isn’t it? Thanks everyone you’re all amazing!


Thanks again Fourdottwoone - your advice has worked and prevented my guild problems! You’re awesome!