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How do I choose my Class?

Sorry to be lame, but I now have Machinist and Warlord and cannot figure out how to choose one to be my class. And then to be even more of a novice, what do I do to participate in this week’s event?

Go into the hero menu, then classes, then choose one.

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So simple when you know how. Thank you!

As for participation, you need Glory in order to trade for this week’s special monsters.
You should see those in the Shop->Reward tab of the game.
There are several ways to get Glory. Treasure Map, Kingdom tributes… etc, but the best (and mainstream) way of Glory is to simply fight PvP. The more you fight, the more Glory you win.

PvP isn’t the best way to earn Glory.

  1. Tributes
  2. Maps
  3. PvP