How do explosions work?

Not sure if this has been asked before, but do exploding gems (like from Gorgoroth or Ragnagord) happen at the same time or one at a time in some order (but really fast, so it looks like it all happens at the same time)?

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Explosions happens at the same time, its random which gem(s) that will be exploded.

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The gems actually explode at the same time first (and the mama is generated from exploding gems) but the explosions happen visually at slightly different times around the board.


Is that part of the 3rd game mode??? There must be a really really low chance for this. The 100’s of thousands of gems I’ve exploded and I still haven’t generated one b:disappointed_relieved:

I love you @Cyrup!


Ah no, this is just referring to explosions in general? :thinking:

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Thank you (especially Cyrup!)

I guess a follow-up question and maybe/probably more technical is that if they all explode at the same time (and the mana :slight_smile: is generated), if two (or more) exploding gems are within the radius of each other, do they each get the 70% mana generated from each other? Or are they excluded because they are “exploding”?