How dare you insult someone like that!


What’s wrong with sprouts, eh?!



Sorry sprout-lovers!

There wasn’t room to fit “Likes Sprouts a Little Too Much”


It is showing a serious prejudice against sprouts… Perhaps in 107 we can have more balanced loading jokes, like “Loves carrots” or “Fond of aubergines”?


Let’s not insult the (growing) vegan community! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I mean, there are plenty of vegetables to hate on. Or heck, other foods too. “Eats pizza with a fork” or “hates ice cream” or “drinks tea whilst sticking out their pinkie finger.”


So here starts the most damning message competition:

‘Puts the summoning troop in front’
‘Redefines the word ‘soon’’
‘Always plays black in Magic’

Gonna use any of those @Sirrian?


Hey, I do that when I drink tea…


Those are little long, let me shorten them for ya’.

‘Puts Summoner First’
‘Redefines ‘Soon’’
‘Plays Black in MtG’

Even shortened they maybe a bit too long to fit, but I like where you’re going.

Here’s a couple ideas from me in the spirit of Halloween:
‘Spooks Ghosts’
‘Counts Candy Corn’


I’ll have you know I only place a summoner in front on my all summoning defense team:

Goblin King


Well then I will make fun of you for being silly. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to be classy as f@%# though!

“Ate all the trick or treat candy”
“Didn’t wash hands after using public restroom”
“Enjoys Monopoly”


How about some with double meaning?

  • Hates “the walking dead”
  • A true monster

or maybe some memes?

  • Power over 9000
  • Is top kek