How can someone reach 16 thousand points in PvP mode in just 48 hours?

Again while playing excellent PVP mode of curiosity I decided to watch the scores of the top finishers.

Given that the scores are reset to zero every week expected the scores to be more discreet. Until yesterday the end of the day the first place had more than 16 thousand points.
I was surprised by this score. Making a very fast accounts came across something more surprised still. I particularly game in order Warlord II, which leaves battles a little more difficult, and when I face a good opponent in PVP step on average eight minutes so a battle. The highest score I have ever had access was somewhere between 52 and 45 points.

Well, doing the math, if I could gain 50 points on average per battle and took eight minutes for fighting, to reach 16,000 points would take around 42 hours straight game just in pvp and gaining absolutely all. If the event was open only 48 hours, will someone was playing uninterruptedly 42 hours? Or is there any shortcut to get ranking points I do not know?

8 minutes per match is pretty slow, I’d say. I expect top players to be able to finish a match in 2 minutes, sometimes even less.

If you take that into account and do the math again, it is very much doable. Still need a lot of time investment, of course, but at least an amount that makes sense.


I agree. As I said, when I play the overlord opponents so have many hit points and a lot of defense. I arrive to face armies mystical averaging 40 to 50 (both defense and hit points), it is not easy to defeat them. But I agree that this time can be reduced. Still, as spoken, it is a long time dedicated to get 16,000 points in just 48 hours.

Two possibilities…

  1. No Life
  2. Botting
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he he he he… agree. :joy: :joy:

Is there some protection in the game against Botting??

Yes, the developers monitor on a continual basis.

Playing Maw Geddon is fast and mind numbing. It may be even faster than botting though.

What? sorry…

The Empowerd Mercy / Maw / Infernal King / Sheggra, or similar combinations that explode the board and devour everything quickly.

Oh yeah … I faced this troop. I lost almost all :cry: :cry:

i am trying to gather info for pvp points at to what the most/least pvp points have been earned is.
I have a topic already made for it too so i do not take over someone’s thread.