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How can l get artifacts?

How can l get artifacts if l am not on the peak?

Artifacts? Peak? I’m not quite sure what you are asking, could you please explain a little more in detail?

parikl might be referring to the campaign artifacts (Seal of Kurandara, Leonine Crown, …)? Not sure. I don’t think they’ve said anything with regards to acquiring concluded campaigns’ artifacts.

Artifacts lasts during the campaign only. the current is Leonine Crown, you get the bonuses as you are progressing, the others are there in the inventory just for cosmetic purposes, they were previous played campaigns.

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I don’t know. I have never seen any artifact, but it is among the Steam achievements to get them.

I am not at level 1000, that would be the peak. And l have never seen any artifacts, but l saw that there are among the achivements on Steam. But because l have never seen any, l can not tell you what about l am talking. :blush:

Take a picture of the Steam achievement you want, and someone will explain to you how to get it.

I suspect a translation issue is maybe getting in the way, or else there’s an achievement for completing a Campaign (you’d need to do all the tasks for all 10 weeks, if so).

Is that what you’re referring to?
They should’ve been acquired by completing campaign tasks; if you have fully finished all the necessary campaign tasks (Week 1 and all 10 weeks respectively) but Journey Begins/Journey Ends achievements didn’t unlock for you…I don’t know, a support ticket? Who handles achievements anyway?

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It doesn’t stop there, max level is 10000.

It’s basically your campaign progress. You assemble an artifact during each 10 week campaign, the one for the current campaign looks like a crown. It gets an upgrade for each 100 stars you turn in, level 1 is 100 stars, level 10 is 1000 stars.

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Thank you very much. Now l know what they are. :grinning: