How can invite or leave now a guild?

I´m searching in Guild but I don´t see the option to invite or also leave a guild.
I remember in the past was in : Guild > Administrate > Manage
Now this 3rd part of manage don´t appear.

I still looking in guild but I don´t see the option.
Anybody knows where is now this option of invite/leave guild.

I have a member who want to join and I have his invite code, but I can’t put it anywhere.

Thanks in advance

guild–admin and to the right there are two separate boxes,invite-dispand

I think I read there is a bug…

If you restart your game it should appear.

and yeah,how do you leave?

the second box is empty for me. Not I see I don´t have 2 box
I restart also many times since the last update

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at least appears, but how can they leave now?

If you are the GM of the guild, the box below the invite box should be appear as DISBAND, but if you are only a member of the guild, it should be appear as LEAVE.
In case you still need that information.


oh, thanks Psy this point I didn’t notice before