How can I set banners and team bonus?


I cannot figure out how to set banners and team bonus. I’m guessing it is my home kingdom if I set it to another kingdom, that’ll change banner bonus? For team bonus, I’m using Ghoul, Banshee and Vampire Lord, but the bonus didn’t activate. Was I suppose to do something else? I used it only for campaign, didn’t use it for pvp (maybe that’s why?)


I was having the same problem, you have to set the team under the kingdom banner where you make your team. On xbox you change banner with the bumpers before you start a fight.


With the team bonus, are you referring to the stat boosts given for having multiple troops of the same type/kingdom? If so, that feature isn’t available on consoles until v1.0.7.


Ah, I see. Thank you, but when I did that, there are no stat increase. What does playing in a specific banner do?

Oh, that’s why I couldn’t do it. Thanks for the info.


Nope, Banners on 1.0.6 which is the current patch on Xbox also give several kind of bonusses to troops, alltought those are only awarded to troops played by their kingdom banner, example… Having two troops from Adana while using the Adana banner will get +2 arrmor while the other two troops you have won’t (If the last two aren’t from Adana aswell)


Oh, I see. I’ll look into that. Thank you for your help.

EDIT: How do I know which banner icon is which kingdom?