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How can I read storylines again?

I want to read the kingdom quests storylines, dialogues etc… do you know any link that I can read all of them again?

Gowdb.com has them


You just need to select the kingdoms and scroll over the quest storylines.

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Thank you, I found it :smile:

The devs also said that they want to make the quests in the game repeatable (for some better rewards). They didn’t give any indication when it will happen, though.

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Is there any reading order of the whole story? I mean, I know BrokenSpire’s story is the first one. Some of the kingdoms are not necessarily need an order but I think Tyri’s story needs it.

Some do, yeah. I suppose it’s hard to tell, as it seems to depend on the order the kingdoms were released in and that’s not visible from the map alone.

Let’s see what I can remember:

  • Mist of Scales -> Dragon’s Claw. (Raven plays a big part in Dragon’s Claw’s storyline)
  • Blighted Lands and Darkstone are referencing each other, but it should be fine either way (Backstory of Dimetraxia and Venbarak. Blighted Lands first seems more logical, because otherwise it might seem odd that Dimetraxia never says anything to Venbarak in Blighted Lands.)
  • Adana -> Khaziel (Sparkgrinder plays some part in Khaziel’s storyline)
  • Khaziel -> Glacial Peaks (Emperina is a big part of Glacial Peak’s storyline)
  • Karakoth, Maugrim Woods and Zhul’Kari -> Urskaya (Ferit, Scarlett and Tyri all speak up for a bit in this one)
  • Zhul’Kari -> Drifting Sands -> Blackhawk -> Merlantis (Tyri’s family’s storyline and Johnny being part of Merlantis storyline)
  • Broken Spire -> Suncrest (Luther says something at the very beginning of this one, but just one sentence or so, if I remember correctly)
  • Glacial Peaks -> Silverglade (Tassarion plays a big part in this one)
  • Blackhawk -> Divinion Fields, somewhat. That one is super-odd and could, in a way, also be read as the other way round. Atlanta is just super-weird in the Blackhawk storyline and it’s super-hard to tell if she’s already travelling with the hero (which would put Divinion Fields first) or not (which would put Blackhawk first).
  • Broken Spire -> Blackhawk (Not that the Broken Spire one can be avoided… but still, Ysabelle is in the Blackhawk one for a bit and she can only do that thanks to Broken Spire’s storyline)
  • Sword’s Edge is a mess. Like, it really is. Broken Spire, Zaejin and Sword’s Edge’s own storyline all deal with the Knights Coronet being traitors in various ways, but… nothing ever happens to them but they also don’t seem to try to kill Ysabelle again and she’s fine, but keeps them around despite Luther surely reporting to her that he lost his men to them. So he rebuilds his troops but still is in exile at the same time and… nothing makes sense. Absolutely nothing. Because of that, it’s very hard to pinpoint these three storylines in a timeframe. In fact, Broken Spire and Sword’s Edge in a way contradict each other.

This is true. We want to make the quests replayable for players who enjoy the lore.


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