How can? (Build)



I want a build what i see.

It’s with “Skeleton” and “Glade warden”.

I dont know how other players have that cards in a incredible power. I have the cards in the lvl 18/19 and only have 13/14 of atack and they have +22!

how! What city i need?

Any can help me?



Kingdom’s being 10 can increase power, then also kingdoms being 5 stars will boost it further


But… If i make all kingdoms lvl 10… mi build increased automatic? or i need make other thing?

Thx for ask.


Each kingdom has a bonus, either magic, attack, health or shield.

When the kingdom reaches level 10, you get 1 of the specified under kingdom.

When the kingdom gets to 5 stars, then you get a 2nd trait from that kingdom.

The remaining power comes from Ascending your troops to higher levels.


But if I have two kingdoms level 10. Just I’ll get the bonus of one right? And I must be there. Do not? Thank you for responding quickly!


Each kingdom has its own bonus, you can see what it is under the View Kingdom


You get 1+ in the stat that shows up in the leveling page, on every kingdom you get to L10. If you get 5 star kingdoms-very hard to get, it get 1 extra.


The bonus stats from levelling up a kingdom to lvl 10 are additive - I.e. all your troops will benefit (including your hero) from any and all the kingdoms you have at lvl 10.

Las estadísticas de bonificación de subir de un reino a lvl 10 son aditivos - es decir, todas sus tropas se beneficiarán (incluyendo su héroe) de cualquier y todos los reinos que tiene en lvl 10. :grin:


So it is advisable to raise only a kingdom to 10, which will need at that time, right?


The more characters that you use from a particular kingdom the more bonuses that you will get, especially having unique characters.I often field this team…
Glade Warden/Legendary/21 Attack
Centaur Scout/Legendary/20 Attack
Star Gazer

But If you use 4 characters from ‘Forest of Thorns’ it boosts Glade Warden’s attack up to 22


Ohhh, thx Macawi. ;D


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


I forgot to mention that getting a kingdom to level 10 will give you a + 1 boost of one of the following…armor/health/attack/magic. All of the characters that you use will get this bonus, even your Hero. For instance Zaejin gives one health at level 10, Adana gives one armor. To see what skill each kingdom will give just click on any kingdom, then on kingdom, on the ‘Kingdom Level’ screen you will see ‘Skill Bonus’. That is what skill that particular kingdom will boost. I hope this helps ya.