How battles are calculated

Hello, I am fairly new to GOW, but both my husband and I find this game fun and addictive. I have been playing longer than my husband and have built up some of the cards i find to be the best in battle. My concern is, why does my statistcs show that i have no DEFEATS, when i have won so many battles? I have another questions, is it better to join a guild or just venture alone, i have joined 3 total, quick two for lack of participation, but i also do not see much participation from the 3rd guild except contributing gold to each of the colors. what is the purpose of a guild? how can you communicate with guilds? what are the benefits by joining a guild compared to venturing alone? One more questions, when are you able to move on to the next location, i have completed almost all of Krysta land so when do you move on or is their multiple levels.
Any all suggestions and ideas will be greatly appreciated thank you.


welcome to the game. Glad to see you have fun with it :slight_smile:
Defeats mean, that you have lost a fight. So if you have 0 defeats, then you didn’t lost yet :wink:

I highly recommend you to join a guild. It has so many benefits. If you think, that you are a active player, then you also should look for a active guild. If you have problems to find a good guild ingame, then you could also ask here on the forum and if a guild is interested, a member will message you for sure.

The benefits in a guild are a lot. If you donate to the statues (colors), then it will increase your mana mastery (you get more often a mana surge). Also if you complete the tasks, you will receive ressources like keys, gems and so on. If you completed a statue completey in a week, then you also get a stat-bonus for one week.

Guilds have also weekly events, where you can participate and fight with your guildmates. In some of the events communication is very important. If your guild reached a certein stage in these events, then you will also rewarded with a lot of goodies.

You can communicate with your guild with the chat directly ingame (at the top of the screen).

I am not sure, if I understood your question with the locations correctly. I think you have activated all Kingdoms already? Then you should do the quests there. If you click on a kingdom, then you can upgrade it. First to level 10 with gold only and later you can upgrade the powerlevel, which will grant you more gold and bonusstats. This requires mostly to upgrade and level up your troops with this kingdom.


thank you so much for your reply and helpful information. I have been reading within the forum and everything thus far as been very helpful. I have been wanting to change my Hero and would my husband and do not know how to go about this if its even possible.

If you want to join a guild that is active and has no “must do” mentality The Scubadivers are recruiting. There is one open spot (for now) and we have reasonable requirements.
The advantages of being in an active guild are also you get rewards from the weekly events, also you can collect seals which you can use to open Guild chest, those chest are containing richer rewards according to the number of seals the guild collects.
So if you’re interested and you want to join a active guild just send your invitecode.
Hope to see you soon in our merry bunch :vulcan_salute: :smile: :wave:

Thank you, I have joined a Guild, and now that i have recruited my grandson, husband, daughter and a couple of friends to try the game, they have replied telling me they are now addicted. So, i may just start a guild of my own, if that is a possibility. I am curious, by any chance is there a place where i can get read exactly how the game operates and with a glossary explaining traits, assentions and cards. Forgive me, for maybe i am just a slow learner with GOW, but i am a bit confused as to building a good team for each of the kingdoms, and there is nowhere within the game that explains disenchantment or any of the other jargon for the game, so far i have been winging it and learning as i go but would very much enjoy the game better if i had a better understanding of each part to the game. Apperciate any suggestions and thank you the help thus far. Happy Fighting!!!

Don’t disenchant troops (until you have 4 copies of each, at mythic ascension). You can search other stuff there, too :slight_smile:.

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