How? (6.9 Rant)

Those who don’t play the game have no earthly idea how new players or old “should” play the game.

What 6.9 actually teaches new players is the following:

  • Devs will break game modes the that work fine to add gem offers to them in hopes of you spending real money to buy gems.
  • Don’t use your hero troop in teams.
  • Synergy and team building doesn’t matter.
  • The game can be way too difficult for no other reason than to waste your time.
  • 20% stat boost for event kingdom/troops helps players a little (Levels 5-20) but helps the AI ridiculously more (Levels 5 - 350). That the stat boost is more a gift than a curse and was created at a time when AI troops couldn’t go over level 20.

But here’s a platform outside of the 99% negative feedback to 6.9 for the devs to explain “how” this actually helps new players.

P.S. I am personally disappointed because years ago I suggested a game mode where new players are allowed to use Mythic and Legendary troops before they own them as a sort of “trial basis”. Trial as in temporary experience. Not trial like you have a 40 ft wall to climb over on a rainy day and the devs have you a show string to work as a safety rope. That way they could see how fun the game can be if you have to the proper resources for success.

But you took that idea, figured out a way monetize it and simply ruin it.

If you don’t want to play your game, then how do you expect others to not only play but also pay to play your game?!?!?


I’m trying to grind through the epic trials to give the mode a proper review.

But I’m having a hard time justifying the depression that playing these battles is causing.
Literally the polar opposite of fun. Great work devs. :clap:


Trials are a game mode found in all Kingdoms. They teach new players game mechanics and useful resources…[…]


This is ridiculous.

Account at lvl 1200+, over one year old, and by no means you can call me a new player, as this is an alt account. And I can’t, for the love of me, beat Trial X in Khetar. I tried 20 times already. TWENTY. I try not to think that next week there will be “epic” trials going up to lvl 350, while my troops will be still at 20 without any boost or help.

Please, give us an option to use a team of our choice, allow a weapon, scrap the entire mode altogether, bring back old challenges, I don’t care. Do SOMETHING. The current version teaches new players NOTHING. Oh, except to buy a cushion to protect your forehead when banging head on the wall. Repeatedly.


I’m at about your level and I had only two kingdoms left, as I had done all my challenges in the last month (and I am so happy about that): Maugrim and Silverglade. Maugrim gives you Kerberos and three gem-spawners/converters (none converting to Kerberos’ colors…), but devour made it possible.

Silverglade, though? I’m at level 1300 and Silverglade X is impossible. I tried three hours, now gave up. The power levels of my kingdoms are definitely not perfect, but I’m an endgame player and I cannot do it. At all. Hearing that other kingdoms are just as bad as Silverglade is disheartening - it seems like only whales with maxed-out kingdoms are supposed to beat the epic challenges? Granted, Vulpacea has Todd, who is an incredibly broken troop and might make it possible (only did the first epic task there so far), but I do not want to see the epic tasks in any other kingdom…


Imagine doing Drifting Sand with this team. At level 350.
There are not enough facepalms to give!


I actually literally just Did Silverglade for same reason as you. It was tough but not terrible. Put krystanax at the bottom and the other one that hits the whole team above him. Think I tanked with the one who dispells. Sorry I’m not on game now but yeah it’s doable. It’s not FUN lol, but it’s doable

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I managed to grind through the Vulpacea Epic Trials at Lvl 500 before they “fixed” it. The way I was able to make it work was play off the enemy Voidcaller making lycanthropy gems and destroying them with Red Fox. Then I would pray for favorable beast transforms. I ended the game with my Serpent (nee Todd) getting the final skull bash on the enemy Sky Goat (nee Voidcaller). Yeah … that was totally Vulpacea themed.

I think I got it done on the third or fourth try.

My troop order was:

Red Fox
Vulpire Hunter
Todd Greenwood

I put the most disposable troops up front as chaff.

I’m not at all sure what this is supposed to teach new players other than that RNG will rule your experience.


These new trials are really awful. No hero, no weapon, not even the specific kingdom class. And the teams are even not balanced, feels jsut like random. and the offers are that stupid, i cannot imagine which one of the devs had this idea. 1mio. gems for troops??? How much money do i have to put in the game to get this ridiculous amount of gems??? i am 1200+, even with my guild rewards i can’t reach this amount in a year. if they want money, it is ok. I spend a little bit money over time, but the offers must be worth it.

If this will be the way GoW should be played, i will quit. That is not the kind of game i want, not the game i played for over 1k hours.


The problem I see ISN’T that the teams are “not balanced”, but instead that the team strategy doesn’t scale to higher levels (especially Drifting Sands!).

In contrast: when you are running a gimmick strategy like Zuul, Transform (including Lycanthropy) or Charm damage then the enemy level is basically irrelevant so long as you can keep your team alive long enough to execute it properly. It’s also part of what makes the classic Shield of Urskaya + Paladin/Rowanne combo so viable, because the buff (which translates into DPS) scales up with enemy strength.


It’s obvious they just don’t gaf. They’ve only been interested in money anyways. They’re just sitting back laughing (with their :imp: horns on). I don’t even bother with the “trials” anymore. I was up to levels 6 thru 10 on all kingdoms, and now, with troops I haven’t even leveled up (or don’t have) being FORCED on me, there’s no way to beat the high level stats of the enemies. This was one of those “let’s see how shitty we can be” moments :rofl:
Gfy gow. :joy:

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trial sux. the provided trials team sux too :frowning: we cant change the banner too… imagine you got no troop using red mana but your banner boost em. for what?


I switched Fox and Harper but other than you than that great advice! Thanks!

you would like to trade the fox first as it’s not a wargare hence has no use for Todd, and losing any other troop reduces chances of looping

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0-1 on max difficulty since “RNG” helps the AI more than humans and the defense is designed to make the match take way longer than it should.
I’ll try to target the third troop next time.

The update makes me feel like I’m being treated like a mouse in a science. “Lets see what ridiculous things we can get players to do” haha hee hee


I won’t be participating in this 6.9 science experiment.


We just want Challenges returned. (Luckily I made all Challenges quickly and collected all resources from them.)

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