House of N¡ght is Recruiting

About House of N¡ght:

Based on the House of Night series by P.C. Cast, this group serves as a mercenary community, in the southern part of Darkstone. While the “school” is a safe haven for both creatures and children of the night, its headmistress, Sapphira Allycuns welcomes all mortals too. Newly developed, House of N¡ght is one of the few guilds in Gems of War accepting players from all walks of life.

While some HON residents are experienced, others are just starting. Nevertheless, the main goal of this clan is to achieve world domination (become number 1), in Gems of War. Therefore, each HON resident is responsible for bringing their “A” game to the table… whether it’s giving advice or wrecking havoc among Krystara and the Underworld.

Why you should join House of N¡ght:

  • the comradery between members is epic
  • you get game tactics from experienced players
  • the food and weapons are awesome
  • there’s no curfew (except on Sundays)
  • to become a vampire or other soul of night (dragon, wolf, feline, witch/wizard, et cetera)


House of N¡ght: has slots open for serious players at ANY level who play everyday and are ready to become the best. We only ask that you…

  • Be Active (any player inactive for more than 5 days, without notice will be kicked)
  • Contribute Daily (or at least weekly) to show progress
  • Participate in ALL Guild Events -Raids, Guild Wars, Invasions, Tower of Dooms- (failure will lead to exile)
  • Be Courteous and Helpful To All (There are no stupid questions!)

Right now the MINIMUM Requirements Are:

  • 100,000 GOLD PER WEEK (ONLY required after ALL kingdoms are leveled).
  • 1000+ SEALS PER WEEK
    Discord is PREFERRED, but NOT mandatory!

To Join…

  1. Comment with your in-game name, invite code, character level, and number of times you’ve switched guilds
  2. Message Me (Sapphira_Allycuns)
  3. Go to