House of Fun ids Looking for 3 new members


Recruiting requirements:

Level: 500+

Weekly: 400K Gold/1,6k Seals/300 Trophies

Participation to the weekly guild events

Language: English (but we come from all over the world)

Mandatory channel for communication: Discord

We are:

A friendly well-established guild

Somewhere between casual & hardcore

Ranked 304

We are in the God League

We prefer wellness of our members over stressful competition

We offer you:

All basic tasks completed on Monday

40k seals claimed every week

Common focus to unlock the valuable deeds

Rewards galore in all guild events

Plenty of strategies & tips (and funny GIF!) in our Discord server

Contact on Discord:

We are truly more like a family that many high pressure guilds and offer a place for those who may not fit their current guild and we are more than welcoming to those who need a little help to grow into the game. If you think you can meet the requirement please consider us.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Hello, I am interested into joining the child; I just restarted the game due to having been robbed of my account (an hero level of 1390 with 99% of the game completed - I am investigating with the devs about recovery the account) and now I have an hero level of almost 300 and I am quickly completing kingdoms.

Could I join you, even if I do not have the requirement?

Hello. I am interesting in joining the Guild, if you are still looking for members. I’m Level 1,188 and have access to Discord (I accidentally sent your Contact a friend request earlier), and am looking forward to joining a Guild that communicates with each other! I will be able to meet the weekly requirements.

I also have another person that is able to meet these requirements. They do not have access to Discord, but I am in constant contact with them and they play way more than I do. Please let me know.

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you can get your account straight.

I’m currently at work but you can contact on Discord:
LadyFougner#1852. She is one of the guild leaders.

Just let her know I sent you.

I’m currently at work but you can contact on Discord:
LadyFougner#1852. She is one of the guild leaders.

She will have questions about you both but it’s a simple process. Let her know I sent you.