House of Fun has room for 1 more. Rank 500+ 400K Gold/1,6k Seals/300 Trophies. God league ranked 295. Discord is mandatory


Recruiting requirements:

Level: 500+
Weekly: 400K Gold/1,6k Seals/300 Trophies
Participation to the weekly guild events
Language: English (but we come from all over the world)
Mandatory channel for communication: Discord

We are:

A friendly well-established guild
Somewhere between casual & hardcore
Ranked 295
We are in the God League
We prefer wellness of our members over stressful competition

We offer you:

All basic tasks completed on Monday
40k seals claimed every week
Common focus to unlock the valuable deeds
Rewards galore in all guild events
Plenty of strategies & tips (and funny GIF!) in our Discord server

Contact on Discord:

Lots of GMs just add ‘currently full’ or something similar to the title, and change it back the next time they need to recruit. That way you only have one recruitment thread instead of a dozen.

To the best of my knowledge, threads cannot be deleted. You can delete the content of a thread, but not the thread itself. At least, I’ve never figured out a way to do it.

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Thank you, I thought for a minute I was just daft, I looked everywhere and couldn’t figure it out.

1-2-21 we now have one spot available.