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Hound of Doom

What I want for a refund is all the diamonds/souls/celestials I spent to craft them. I’ve crafted 2 Infernuses and 1 Ubastet so far. That’s quite pricey!


Dragons will always rule!

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I actually don’t think so, but some people will complain about any change, so there’s that. The Nyx change was a little overly harsh, but I’m in no hurry to see it become popular again.

There’s always Bone Dragon I guess.

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I hate the nerfs because it wrecks my speed PvP team. I had plans to do a Bärmon-style PvP-athon, but this change makes that much harder.


Are you at least offering diamond refunds? I mean, come on now. If the crybabies get another win here, you have got to at least give people FULL refunds.

Infernus didn’t even need to be changed. Nice panic nerf. :roll_eyes:


They actually put him back to this original Mana cost. Cause that makes sense… To nerf a buff…


I spent 10,000 guild seals for a second ubaset. i will take a refund on that and you can minus one ubaset in my account :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
@Sirrian @Nimhain

Edit: all of intrim says thanks. thats all we see in gw is uba teams. we needed the help :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You could still run a few tests and see if the team still is more reliable/faster than the other current options.

Sorry folks. It’s cause this happened today for one of my alts.
Illuminati confirmed?


Well, thankfully, I have a whole week to test out the nerfed troops to see if I get slowed down a lot. But if I do decide on a refund, I want crafting materials refunded, not just traitstones. :smile:


Why do the devs nerf the small selection of good troops we have rather than buff the overwhelming majority of useless troops in order to give us more options to counter the “heavy hitters”?


Because it is easier or fewer troops to rework if they go for nerfing the stronger ones. Sadly IMO.


You are probably right, unfortunately. This is most likely the result of an overworked and undermanned studio or lack of experience/talent. Maybe a combination of factors. My guess is the game grew much bigger than originally anticipated and can no longer efficiently manage it across all platforms. I recall a Switch release being announced a while back and then cancelled which seems to back up this claim. Really is a shame when a dev studio has to nerf the fun out of their own game.


My considerations: When i compare the Divines and my Maw team (Alchemist instead of Sheggra) the only difference i perceive in speed is how the Divines have more access to mana while also doing something like gaining life (I use Divinia for the lack of Divine Protector) or dealing damage (If i use Infernus) instead of simply making loops hoping for skulls and green gems to be aligned in Maw/Infernus’ case.

Ubastet lost some damage boost, but he can still oneshot two troops, now it’s about considering using Infernus before him to make this happen instead of casting Ubs’ spell right away and maximizing Infernus spell as before.

Theorically only the order of the spells (and maybe the troop order too) were affected with some speed lost counting the extra cost and reduced starting mana, but Divine Protector still provides a lot of mana.


On to the next OP Meta … comming Soon[tm]


I like the nerfs. I mean, I use Infernus and Ubastet myself, but you can’t go wrong with nerfing Ishbaala. The less I see her, the happier I am.:smirk:
I feel the Infernus-nerf is not needed, though. Ubastet needed it, Ishbaala needed it, but Infernus didn’t.

I am very happy there’s someone else not having that damn thing. I mean, I wouldn’t use it even if I would have it since I never use the hero, but still… I felt very lonely.:rabbit:


I’m more disappointed than annoyed. The meta will still “work”, but over half my teams that use Ishbaala incidentally or use Infernus as a starting point for the team just won’t anymore. Mostly the Ishbaala cleanse thing (which she admittedly is super powerful as a dual converter, because it allows an additional slot for composing skull spam that don’t have to worry about freeze or entangle) and the 50 > 40% mana change (which unfairly punishes non mythic divines you might want to use with her). Both these are massive nerfs to using her in off-meta comps. With Divine Protector unchanged (and completely overlooked here for whatever reason) and still available to start on a single surge , I don’t expect a whole lot to change… still Divine Protector into Uba double lethal into Infernus spam if you arent using a team with huge defensive skill bonuses, like, say, other divines.


The weapon concept is very good, but what makes it overused is just the whole sinergy of the team. I have the other simlar weapons, but they don’t work just as well as Divine Protector in teams with the respective troop types (Beasts for Beastly Bow and such).

The hero whould have decent weapons, i think it’s nice to use him/her/it with some classes that received good talents, all four or five of them. The rest… well… they surely are a pain to play with…

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If they needed such a nerf, then why did it take this long to realize? I guess the constant whining finally won. Won’t affect me too much, but I do think it was overreacting, and that infernus should of been left alone

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10% drop is like 1-2 mana loss. The hero classes with the Morale tree has the level 70 talent of Inspiration that gives 15%… which was 1-2 mana. Barely made a difference.

Should start at 6/14 which makes it a bit pickier on one match surge starts.