🏇 GlenRyders is recruiting! Rank 135. Weekly Reqs: 100k-150k+ gold, 750+ seals, GW participation

Hello everyone!

I’m Krzysiaty, leader of a casual guild with some aspirations to go little more semi-pro :slight_smile:
We’re currently ranked 135, with gold bonus 280%.
I’m looking for active people, who would help me to bring our team to its’ former glory (we were rank 30 looong time ago).
Currently we are able to max one task early in the week, so it’s some progress.

Weekly Requirements:
Recommened level 100+ but it’s not mandatory if you love this game and you’re active,

100k-150k gold invested every Monday after reset in selected task until we max it. Which task is chosen will be announced during Sunday, and info will be visible on guild chat window.

750 seals until Sunday midnight - would be nice to have 20k guild chest every week. If we manage to keep it up, once per few months in future we could attempt push to 40k.

100+ trophies until Sunday midnight - Let’s make GlenRyders great again! :wink:

GW participation - it’s all new, so I’m not sure about exact values of reqs to set but at least you should try as much as you can. We will decide later in this matter.

If you’re low level, and having trouble with getting 100k gold BUT you are very active, write on chat, make lots of seals/trophies - I’m sure we can come to some agreement, also we provide guidance how to improve your kingdom’s economy :slight_smile:

Anyone interested in helping to rebuild a guild plz write few words about yourself and leave your invite code. I’ll be making space in our ranks by systematicaly removing inactive “zombies” :wink:


I’m interested i’m lvl 68
i make around 750seals
i can’t make the 100k gold though
if i try really hard i can make 100 trophys
most of the time i get higher trophys!!

What are the levels of your kingdoms? Do they need lot of work? And how much gold can you contribute regularly?
If you can manage around 50k+ for the time being, and work fast to meet the minimum 100k, no problem :slight_smile:
If that would be ok, let me know your invite code.

i have 10 kingdoms lvl 10… trying my hardest to get them higher
18 kingdoms left

invite code
btw can u invite me when monday rolls around?
i want weekly rewards!

Sure I can. If you prefer to join after reset, ok.
As for kingdom economy, try to focus on pvp with gold oriented armor - it’s fastest way to increase your income :slight_smile:

thx you :slight_smile:

NudgeBoy - Level 381
Unique Troops - 327
100 - 150k Gold every week
750 seals - every week (mostly getting maxed or maxed each week)
Trophies - 100+ no problem each week (now)(100+ this week so far)
Guild War participation (highest GW points this week for my guild)

My situation - found GoW on 11/29/16. (5 months ago)
My mother, 91, was into 2 years of hospice, and I was major caregiver.
Mom passed last week.
Not a lot of trophies, before, because didn’t when mom needed help, so not playing alot of PvP.

Actively interested in finding last Mythic and Legendary’s troops

Need this week’s GW rewards before moving to another guild

Invite code - NUDGEBOY

My condolences for the passing of your mother @BorgSpot.

BorgSpot, my condolences as well.
I’ll send you invite after reset, just tell me when you’re ready.

im ready for invite :slight_smile:

Invite sent :slight_smile:

ready to invite, thanks

You are still in guild, invite can’t be sent.

ready, now

Ok, one more slot open! :slight_smile:

Hi! New player here but learning fast. I could do the 1500 seals easy. Gold 50k probably Im super new and leveling new kingdoms.

Hello! What’s your level, invite code, how many kingdoms have you maxed already, and what about pvp/trophies?

Hi there. I’m currently looking for a new guild since my old one has gotten pretty lazy lately.

My level is 288, I’ve gotten all of the magic kingdoms maxed and Sword’s Edge(since its my main kingdom).

I can do 100k-125k in a week(possibly more if I decide to get VIP to lvl 2) and 150+ trophies, however I will not be able to do more than 400~ seals this week due to the old guild.

My invite code is VLAD CRISTEA


Invite sent Asmodeus :slight_smile: After joining go for RED task if possible, we’re going to max it soon.