Honor progress bar

can we have a progress bar that will show how many more honor points needed to progress to the next honor milestone

Nope. Because then people will see how Player A’s honor is less points than Player B’s honor. They don’t want us to know how honor works.

It’s also possible that once a player reaches Revered… There’s still a wait period before it’s unlocked. Or a dev has to unlock it for them.

Usually if a lot of stuff is hidden behind a curtain. It’s because people are trying to hide it due to fear.


not if they make it something that visible to just that player and not public

Will the player have to sign a NDA?

When you reach stage II of every every level, it says you are “halfway” to completing it. Is that not enough?

Would be good if this was actually true in terms of Honour needed though… :laughing:

I wouldn’t go THAT far if you want to say how many honor points you have I don’t see the problem I don’t see a problem with it being public either

i’m the kind of person that likes to meticulously keep track of everything so not knowing gets to me a bit

I would love it to be open, unfortunately the current feedback is that it’s working exactly as intended.