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Homebound Guilds are recruiting now!

Homebound guilds are recruiting!

The Homebound family wants people who like to work as a team and help others (posting team suggestions for events, coaching during GW week, answering questions for all levels of players, etc) and enjoy a warm and friendly environment.

HB1 is our top guild and GW focused:
Rank 63
GW Bracket 5
Between 80-100 LT’s during GW week.
All Basic and several Epic tasks completed each week.
All guild statues at 200
All guild events completed mid-week

HB1 Requirements:
Level 1000
Kingdoms at level 10 and power level 5
Gold: 900,000 (1.6 million on Monday of GW week)
Seals: 1500
*Weekend Raid Boss: 4000
GW: 5 per day, 40k min score
*Weekend Invasion: 60 towers
Tower of Doom: 25 Dooms
Other guild weekly events: ~75% of “free sigil baseline” (expected HB1-level player score with free sigils + Valravens)
Discord required

HB2 is a mix of mid- and late-gamers and is a GW training ground for HB1:
Rank 203
GW bracket 10
40k seals
All basic guild tasks completed
Guild events completed
All guild statues at 200
10-20 LT’s during GW week

HB2 Requirements:
Level 500
Kingdoms at level 10
Gold/seals: 400K gold + 1400 seals OR 700K gold + 1100 seals OR anything in between (1K gold = 1 seal)
-e.g., 500K gold + 1300 seals, 600K gold + 1200 seals
-Double gold on GW weeks (e.g, 800K gold + 1400 seals, 1.4M gold + 1100 seals)
GW: All battles completed by end of the week (aim for 35-40K)
Tower of Doom: 15 Dooms
Weekend Invasion*: 48 towers
Weekend Raid Boss*: 3,000 damage
Other guild weekly events: ~50% of free sigil baseline
Discord required

  • Weekend guild events optional for HB1/2 if on GW week

HomeBound 3 (our “Peace Guild”)
is for you if you’re actively progressing your kingdoms to level 10 and/or are not a fan of Guild Wars. HB3’s event minimums are reasonable to encourage players to get comfortable with weekly guild events.

HB3 requirements:
Player Level 300
1250 seals
250K gold (if kingdoms are at level 10)
GW optional
All other guild events:
Tower of Doom: 10 Dooms
Weekend Raid Boss: 1,500 damage
Weekend Invasion: 36 towers
Other guild weekly events: ~40% of free sigil baseline

HomeBound 4
is intended for early game players. We understand that victories can be slow and far between in the beginning, and aim to provide a low-pressure environment with rewards to help you progress. There are several high-level players supporting HB4, able to contribute to guild tasks and events.

HB4 requirements:
Level 70
300 seals
1-2 fights per event
Discord highly recommended

Come visit us on Discord and say hello!

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We’re doing a lot of team sharing this GW week. Come say hi and get to know us!!

Hi can I join homebound 3 or 4 I don’t mind. I’m an active player level 600. I don’t have discord either.

Hiya! Yes, if you can get discord (which is required for HB3 and the other top two guilds) then we can get you set up. Just follow our link :slight_smile:

I can’t get discord because it makes my device lag. Maybe I could just join Homebound 4?

Yes, you can join us in HB4 in game if you like.

Ok how I’ve searched it up but it says I need an invite

Ok, I’ve pinged Ant, the GL of HB4 and they should be getting in touch soon.

We have openings in HB2, HB3, and HB4. Come stop by if you’re interested.