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Homebound Guilds are recruiting now!

Homebound guilds are recruiting!

The Homebound family wants people who like to work as a team and help others (posting team suggestions for events, coaching during GW week, answering questions for all levels of players, etc) and enjoy a warm and friendly environment.

HB1 is our top guild and GW focused:
Rank 63
GW Bracket 5
Between 70-95 LT’s during GW week.
All Basic and several Epic tasks completed each week.
All guild statues at 200
All guild events completed mid-week

HB1 Requirements:
Level 1000
Kingdoms at level 10 and power level 5
Gold: 800,000 (1.6 million on Monday of GW week)
Seals: 1500
*Weekend Raid Boss: 4000
GW: 5 per day, 40k min score
*Weekend Invasion: 60 towers
Tower of Doom: 25 Dooms
Other guild weekly events: ~75% of “free sigil baseline” (expected HB1-level player score with free sigils + Valravens)
Discord required

HB2 is a mix of mid- and late-gamers and is a GW training ground for HB1:
Rank 206
GW bracket 9
40k seals
All basic guild tasks completed
Guild events completed
All guild statues at 200
10-20 LT’s during GW week

HB2 Requirements:
Level 500
Kingdoms at level 10
Gold/seals: 200K gold + 1500 seals OR 600K gold + 1100 seals OR anything in between (1K gold = 1 seal)
e.g., 400K gold + 1300 seals, 500K gold + 1200 seals
Double gold on GW weeks (e.g, 400K gold + 1500 seals, 1.2M + gold + 1100 seals)
GW: All battles completed by end of the week (aim for 35-40K)
Tower of Doom: 15 Dooms
Weekend Invasion*: 48 towers
Weekend Raid Boss*: 3,000 damage
Other guild weekly events: ~50% of free sigil baseline
Discord required

  • Weekend guild events optional for HB1/2 if on GW week

HomeBound 3 (our “Peace Guild”)
is for you if you’re actively progressing your kingdoms to level 10 and/or are not a fan of Guild Wars. HB3’s event minimums are reasonable to encourage players to get comfortable with weekly guild events.

HB3 requirements:
Player Level 300
1000 seals
100K gold (if kingdoms are at level 10)
GW optional
All other guild events:
Tower of Doom: 10 Dooms
Weekend Raid Boss: 1,500 damage
Weekend Invasion: 36 towers
Other guild weekly events: ~30% of free sigil baseline
Discord required

HomeBound 4
is intended for new or early game players. We understand that victories can be slow and far between in the beginning, and aim to provide a low-pressure environment with rewards to help you progress. There are several high-level players supporting HB4, able to contribute to guild tasks and events.

HB4 requirements:
Level 50
300 seals
Discord highly recommended

Come visit us on Discord and say hello!

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We’re doing a lot of team sharing this GW week. Come say hi and get to know us!