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HomeBound 3 and HomeBound 4 are welcoming new and early-game players

HomeBound 3 and 4 are casual but active guilds where you can learn the game at your own pace. Our network of guilds has members ready to offer guidance from our discord server, guild chat, or designated global channel in-game. Choose which guild suits your activity level, and freely move between them according to your progression and availability. All HomeBound guilds have weekly activity checks. If you wish to move within our guild network, we ask that you join our community on Discord (linked below).

HomeBound 3 is for you if you’re actively progressing your kingdoms to level 10. There are several high level players supporting HB3, able to contribute to guild tasks. HB3’s minimums are flexible to encourage players to get familiar with weekly guild events.

HB3 requirements:
Player Level 100
Any two of the following:

  • 1000 seals
  • 50k gold
  • Participation in the event of the week at the following levels:
    • 25 towers
    • 5K Raid Boss
    • 25 out of 30 Guild Wars fights completed (win or lose)
    • 5 Dooms

HomeBound 4 is recently reopened for business and is intended for completely new players. We understand that victories can be slow and far-between in the early game, and aim to provide a low pressure environment with rewards to help you progress.

HB4 requirements:
100 seals

If you’re interested, visit us on Discord (https://discord.gg/5aefHjR) or send me a message.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Come say hello to us on discord!

Few spots open in both HB3 and HB4 :slightly_smiling_face:

HB3 weekly mins edited

Hi! New to the game and would like to see if space is available to join HB4?

Thank you!

Glad to have you with us, smajrocket! :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: HB3 is full at the moment and HB4 has 4 spots available