Home (Kingdom) is Where the Heart is

I have been living in Whitehelm because chicks dig heavy armor. The bonus is 20 glory x2.

Has anyone found a more efficient kingdom for use with the new updates?

Also, I was thinking of going with a kingdom having the most uniform distribution of gold, glory, and souls.

Here you have all number, so you can do your choice :wink:


Confusing data. For example, Pan’s Vale is listed as 25 gold, 8 glory, and 2 souls. In game, it is 50 gold, 16 glory, and 8 souls.

I’m still leveling kingdoms, so I use Khaziel, at normal 250 gold, doubled once from home kingdom and again due to gold star = 1000 gold :sunglasses:

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I’ve been stationed in Whitehelm since 2x tribute was a thing back in 1.0.7. Glory is basically the gems of the lesser resources, in that it is versatile for so many things.

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I hadn’t updated my guide for 1.0.8 until just now. Pan’s Vale is now 25 Gold, 8 Glory and 4 Souls. Given the numbers you have, I suspect your figures are doubled because you have Kingdom Power at 1 gold star for Pan’s Vale?

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Yes, that is it. I see. I do have one gold star for Pan’s Vale. Thank you @actreal for clearing that up.

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