Holy foreign language Batman!

But the forums are all in Chinese!


ive had this today too :rofl:

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Has anyone found a way to cause this to happen? or what steps were performed before it changed? Or did it just change on a refresh?

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Haven’t figured out what causes it. It’s happened to me twice in the last couple of hours. Once Japanese (not a problem, actually), and once some sort of Finno-Ugric language? There were umlauts, but it wasn’t German. Turkish perhaps?

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I never thought I would give a chinese Like, ever…


And we’re back to Japanese!

Yep happened here too!

I don’t know what is happening but when I saw Batman I just wanted to check :smiley: Yes Batman is a city name in Turkey.


Gone all Asian on me again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Are people doing anything that might cause it? or just refreshing a page/returning to main page and it just changes?

Also we have a number of Batmans in Melbourne :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s fixed again now.

Don’t think I did anything special, just came in after checking out The Age :wink:

So maybe we can blame them :grin:

I’ve had the same issue, closing out of browser then returning usually fixes it.

When I checked on my tablet earlier today it came up in Japanese and stayed that way for the pages I visited, mostly by memory. When I got home and checked on the PC it was back in English.

Same issue, same disappeared when I closed and re-opened the browser.

It hasn’t happened to me (yet?) but some Google searching suggests it’s occurring on other Discourse forums too, so it’s a Discourse bug rather than specific to this forum.

This is several times this morning lol… Wtf?
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Spambot, fixed now.