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Holiday Imp Naming Game! Come Join the FUN!

With the onset of the Holidays, I thought it would be fun to come up with possible new Imps that may grace us in the future. We know about the Seasonal Imps, and we’ve already received a Valentine and Halloween Imp… so… Who else is coming?

Just have fun, be creative, and give as much detail as you can about your Impish Troop! :wink:

Imp Kringle:
Spell: The White Elephant
Cost: 12 Red/Green
Effect: Apply a Random Stat Ailment to all enemies and gain [1+magic] souls, [2xmagic] gold, and 1 map

Elemental Bond
Fire Link
Christmas Cheer: Gain 1 Magic when there are 10 red and 10 green gems on the board at the start of your turn.


Imp of Patrick

Spell: Cleansing of Eire
Cost: 14 green
Effect: Banish all dragons from the board. (They’re just big snakes, aren’t they?)


I was working on my own St. Patrick’s Imp:

The Drunken Imp:
Spell: Raise a Glass
Cost: 12 Green
Effect: Summon a Level [Magic] Innkeeper with full mana. Gain an Extra Turn.

3rd Trait: Lucky Charms: Gain 5 gold whenever an ally casts a spell

Edit: Forgot to follow my own format! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Independence Imp
Spell: Firework Show
Create 7 Red, 7 Yellow, and 7 Blue gems. Do [Magic/2] damage to 4 random enemies (like ship cannon) and set a random ally on fire.

3rd trait: BBQ
Gain 2 life whenever matching red gems. Gain 1 magic whenever an enemy or ally is set on fire.


Love the topic but as far as I’ve seen devs plan to rotate the 6 avaliable imps every 2 months and they haven’t had plans for more imps.
I would like to see more tho, and an imp kingdom with them! :slight_smile:
Maybe imp king (legendary or mythic troop) with all 6 colors:
Spell: IMPlosion - explode all gems on the board. Summon a random imp. Costs 24 gems.
Third trait: prima primal. All primal troops deal double damage with their spells.

imp quinn legendary or mythic. 6 colors
Spell: improve (cost 16 since it’s all 6 colors)
Create 9 gems of selected ally color. Give that ally magic+5 life and 2 magic boosted by the number of elemental allies 1:1 (so with 4 elemental team 6 magic).
Third trait: when another ally gains magic gain the same amount of magic (self casting wouldnt give double magic.

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ImpPotent (common) - 6 colors
Spell: Destroy 1 enemy card, lose 50% armor & life

  1. Fast
  2. Rainbow Charge (+1 to all color matches)
  3. All Imps Gain 20 Magic, lose 50% armor
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Ch imp
Brown green 10
Type: Beast, fey
Banana hunt: explode two random yellows and gains health based on yellows destroyed 2:1 then gives an ally 1(+magic) mana and stuns a random enemy.
Traits: Yellow link, immunity to devour, Enemies lose 1 attack every 4-5 link.


Cost 12 Red/Brown
Shackle first troop (Entangle) and remove all their mana. 10% of a chance each turn to regain mana.
If killed summon another KrIMPus

First Trait: Ally Monsters/Daemons
Allied Monsters or Daemons gain +2 attack

Second Trait: Fear
Reduce enemies skills by 2

Third Trait: ??
Gain 1+ for every 4 or 5 gem match

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