Hitpoints Difference

I just want to know how it is possible that my opposite in PvP hast nearly double as much Hitpoints with his troops.

I am around level 110 - my enemy was 290

His Team was:
Bone Dragon
Shadow Dragon

Every of his Dragons had around 60 Hitpoints (20 Armor and 40 Life or 40 Armor and 20 Life) - his Mystic Venoxia had 33 Attack at Start.
My Dragons (when fully Leveled out) have defenitly less Hitpoints. His Team Bonus just gives additional Attack for 3 Dragons. My own lvl19 Venoxia has just 19 Attack and not this much Armor and Life…

So what must i do - to get more Hitpoints on my Troops???

This will be a combination of completed cities to Lv10 and also most likely getting said cites to 5 star.

Are you playing on a harder difficulty level?

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You were playing on Warlord II difficulty.

Click the :skull_crossbones: at the top-left corner of the screen while on the world map to change the difficulty settings. (Recommended: Normal, or Hard if PvP Rank 1)

Are you playing on normal difficulty? If so, your opponent must have a few kingdoms fully leveled. So, either lower the difficulty, mate :), or farm some gold and trait stones to level your kingdoms for their boni. There is a chart with detailed boni per kingdom, look it up. Cheers!

In my german version i can find a helptext that says PvP matches are not affected by the difficulty level.

When i look at your answers, it seems to be wrong…

So i better lower my difficulty when i do PvP?

It’s a bug, listed in the known issues thread: