History of Clien Net?

What’s up with this guild? I’ve been playing for about 6-8 months and they’ve always been under-manned yet in the top 10. They’ve got an incredible amount of trophies, and the number is growing, just not at pace with the other top guilds since they’re a skeleton crew. Is anyone on the forums in the guild? Is it just some friends that want to keep it exclusive? So curious!


Clien net plays arena after reaching rank 1 in pvp?

I was hoping for answers not speculation, and that doesn’t even answer why they stay half full, or how they got there in the first place. At any rate, the folks that are there are clearly active PvPers since the guild puts up over 1k trophies a week (and thus they’re averaging nearly 100 per person).

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They were a very active guild back in the day. If I am not mistaking, they had as high as 2nd at one point. The guild probably had some kind of complication that eventually led to most everyone leaving it.

Which, btw, all adds to the mystery. Very active yet half full guild. Why not fill back up?

Leader could have gone inactive. That is what happened to THE BLACK HAND. They got as high as top 10, but then they never did anything to fix the constantly inactive guild leader. Now they aren’t even in the top 50 and were only doing a few 100 a month when they finally got bumped off. Clien Net may be in a situation right now that it is just easier going to a higher guild than trying to fix the existing guild.

I can see that. Inactive guild leader but the rest are active and have been in the guild for a long time so don’t want to leave. Plus they probably get pretty solid rewards just from their small group since it’s end-gamers.

Also, does that mean MM has basically always been #1?

No, I believe a full list is:

  • Match Masters
  • Rainmaker
  • In Virtue
  • Vn4ever

I believe the order was:

  1. In Virtue
  2. Vn4ever
  3. Rainmaker
  4. Vn4ever
  5. Match Masters
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If I recall, Clien Net is a group of Korean players. If you go to Clien.net you’ll find their webpage.

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That’s also what I recall… :slight_smile:

Have they not been #1 for a short time last year?

IIRC I was told that their guild is composed exclusively of members of that forum. Doubtful if any of them are on here since we’ve never heard anything about this - any of the times this question has come up in the last 18 months. Which also explains why nobody knows anything about them not having 30 people.

Gotcha. Thanks!