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Hilarious misspelling

It might help if you can explain both what’s wrong and why it’s hilarious. The people you’re reporting bugs to aren’t necessarily native German speakers. And I want to get the joke!

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I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be “Vögelchen” for “little bird” in German (V, not F) but I don’t get the joke either.

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I reported this to the localisation team, thanks!

While we’re on the subject of grammatical errors. I’d like to point out that the new Leprechaun troops flavor text is wrong. It currently says “He’s lend you some money but he’s a little short”, when it should say, “He’d lend you some money but he’s a little short.” He’d,as in past tense, abbreviated from He would.

Looks like this one was fixed already as mine is correct :slight_smile: