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Highest ever PvP points?


Congrats to Barmon from Rockstar. I hope you get a little sleep soon. :slight_smile:


I know what a member from a former guild had to do to get to 100k pts. This is … worrying :slight_smile: lol

2nd highest i’ve ever seen is almost half that amount. Absolutely insane, congrats though Bärmon

Good luck to anyone trying to beat that score.

That is some insane score right there. Talking with the man himself yesterday about it I know I will never be able to duplicate his historic feat some of us mortals require sleep lol. Awesome job Barmon I’m pretty sure this one is going to stay at the top for a long while.


…I want ingot drop stats.


I never see something like this but I think there is mistake. The all week have 10080 minutes divide for 6800 is 1,5 minut for match. Also special people ned to sleep, eat and optional go in the toilette :rofl::joy: so i suppose is record made in cooperative if there is no mistake from the server.


This was a one man effort he did not have any help. His family was away which allowed this super human grind fest to take place. The ability to get up and get back to ranked PvP hour after hour, day after day here is some amazing level of commitment he played more than many “entire” guilds single-handedly!

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Deduct 9 hours from your math. He stopped playing PvP at least 9 hours prior to weekly reset.

Unless you physically saw him play every single match by himself. I’d be careful about what you report as matter of fact. People tend to lie, they lie on the internet even more… Numbers don’t lie.

To keep this thread a positive one and (kept open). I’ll refrain from any more of my thoughts on the matter.


https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/395258880684195850/460541647382380545/unknown.png @Mithran

Okay i will just summarize it here but im working at a post myself this week ^^ times where : 15-16 hours gaming , 7 hours of sleep( cause my family know about my addcition and im happy to have a i.net shout down from 11pm - 6 am ) and like 10 mins for each breakfest and dinner and like 20 -30 mins for lunch [ family was at home tho my granny still cooking for me and worried about my mental health all the time]

This was my own work … and those time stats are incorrect @Oscar my average per match was 50 secs and with fire bomber enemies it was between 20 - 30 secs :wink:

( but i will stop it here so i hope i will filling up my own post this week else just stay tuned )

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wow, 18,527 trophies. Such a great feat! Not sure if you read the OP, I congratulated you, and I will do it twice. Well done! :wink: You are truly the king of GoW!

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yeah thank you im really glad i had so much support during the week and even after it is over :slight_smile:

You think you will have potential to beat your own record one day? :slight_smile:

For real i have to say that this was a goodbye for my hardcore times … i want to join RL now XD work will start in 1 week. (student before) So lets say … yeah i could have done more but i m not really interested in it anymore :slight_smile:

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:wink: I had period after operation in my leg that I was stuck in the chair in front of the computer and in gow I reach 120K point (now there is team more fast) I was thinking of myself like addict but for everything the sky is the limit. Take care, not let win the game over you. Aniway my congratulation :+1::+1::+1:

120K points is indeed impressive, but it’s nothing compared to @Bearmon1 's 406k :grin:

Less than nothing indeed

@Bearmon1 is the king, but you might be his jester, if u get what I mean. :wink:

pls distance from this " king" stuff … im just a human being wich plays a lot … no need to build up anything bigger

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