Hide VIP Status


As a married man who’s wife doesn’t not like or understand video games I would like the ability to hide the VIP status…I do not need to be broadcasting it


Just tell her it’s an overall rating of how well shielded your home Kingdom is from Invasion :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a shield and a number, she should beleive it :wink:

It can’t be clicked from the map, just make sure you only visit the store while she sleeps !!



my hubby was like - oh hell no… im like but you get spotify :stuck_out_tongue:



Yea that’s it, let’s just lie about things we don’t want our wives to understand, great basis for a successful marriage! /sarcasm


might i dare say you tell her it is a vip status to show how important you are to the game therefore you dont have to lie and you dont have to tell her more than that or how to earn it. If she asks how you earned it just say i earned it be supporting the game through my input which is not a lie either as input could be feedback or money spent so you would be in the clear from lieing cause you did tell the truth and as she doesnt understand or care about video games then she might not ask any further. (i swear i did not test this in similar circumstances in my own life so please do not make that assumption or tell my wife)


So basically we have 7ek00 who thinks Mushafa’s wife would be too stupid to know what it means, and killerman who think the same but say it more politely. I might be wrong but seeing Mufasha’s request makes me think that his wife actually knows the game, enough so to actually know what the new VIP symbol is for.
Actually, I understand that request. I don’t know anything about Mufasha’s situation, but I can see why someone would want to make that kind of info private. We all decide how to spend our money, and we should all be able to decide whether we want to disclose that info or not. It can simply be about personal boundaries. Without further info on the matter, I can think of plenty of reasons why someone would want to keep it a secret. For one, it might be because the money comes from one’s personal bank account and feels like it’s their prerogative to spend it on a video game, but doesn’t want to flaunt it in front of a friend or a loved one. It could be because they just don’t want to look like they’re bragging when they just genuinely wanted to support the game. It could be because they don’t want someone less fortunate to feel bad when they watch them play. Without knowing why, we can’t judge on these reasons, and I’m sure Mufasha has his reasons, whichever they may be. I actually think it’s not a bad idea at all.


I would also like to state that lying by omission is still lying, hence the term “lying” by omission.


Heh, this forum was as wonderful as I hoped. Also, it’s not whipped it’s well educated. But seriously, obfuscation option would be nice.


i would not call it lying by omission because that would entail that i left something out that would alter the truth. We assume she does not know be cause he said she does not understand video games so a simple answer is better than a difficult answer all while the devs are given time to fix the issue on their end. To want to hide the vip level is the same as lying by omission as you hide a part of the truth of the game. also lying by omission is the same as saying we lye all the time because we don’t speak all the time.


Make a deception roll, DC 17.


I simply call it conflict avoidance


I’m married but lucky enough not have the issue you have BUT that last post is definately in the married man’s vocabulary. Lol.


I agree Mufasha, I don’t like broadcasting my VIP status either, mostly because I have family members that judge me for enjoying my games and I am just plain sick of it, especially when they justifiy their own pleasureful habits that also cost them their time and money. Hypocrisy is a disease that runs rapid in the family.