HI guys a little help pls


I start 3 deys ago and open all the Land actually lv 80 i need a decent deck for guild wars and pvp this are my cards thx for the help

-Darck Monoliyh
-King Silenus
-The Silent One

-Darck Troll
-Dark Song
-Green Slime
-Ser Cygnea
-Sir Gwayne
-Sir Snothelm
-Hearald of Caos

-Ancient Golem
-Ancient Horror
-Blade Dancer
-Spider Queen
-Sand Shark

i have most of the rare cards ask me all you need and thx for you help i hope can build a team that work until vl 300 aprox if i can, i have already a farm sould and treasure decks 2


Do you have alchemist and goblin rocket?

Goblin Rocket
King Silenus


yep i have them thx i gona try