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Hi best soul farm spot

looking for the best soul farm spot

If you’re just looking to do lots of Explore battles, there’s no “best” spot as such, so you might think about which Kingdom would give you useful Arcane Traitstones.

Also it’s generally more profitable to use Normal or Hard modes for high speed farming. Although Warlord IV gives a bigger bonus, the extra time you spend tends to cancel out the benefit.

Also set your home Kingdom to Khetar as that gives the best Soul Tribute.

[Edited because I got Khetar mixed up with Whitehelm… :flushed:]


Definitely worth looking at what arcanes you need. Then I personally found that farming on warlord 2 was the easiest for the soul rewards. 4 is too high & normal is too low, so 2 covers a decent amount for a short time per battle IMHO :+1:t2:

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If you are looking at souls only do the farm on Challenges.

Every 5 Stage you complete (or 1 Challenge Quest) you get around 500+ souls as a reward.

Only complete them once since redoing the stages will not give additional souls.

This does, of course, depend what Level you are. The higher your level (and the better the Guild Bonuses you get), the easier the higher levels are.

When I was Soul Farming for Dawn Bringer I was using:

The Dragon Soul
Pharos Ra
Keeper of Souls

If you don’t have Pharos Ra, pick another troop with the Necromancy trait.

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Yeah I probably should have checked that!
I use tds, pharos, kerby, Bonebinder usually

You possibly wanted to say “Khetar”, because Whitehelm is good for Glory, not Souls.

Oops! Duh :frowning: You’re right, I’ve edited the post to correct this.

Thanks :flushed: