Hey everyone,TURTLEMAN here FROM the NEW YORK KNIGHT$. join us and let the BRIGHT KNIGHT$ , INSPIRE YOU!

:pirate_flag:IRON - TURTLEMAN here FROM the new YORK KNIGHT$,we have only one requirement . While a new person is getting all there kingdoms to level 10 . Help others in guild ,by collecting guild seal’s , in turn guild members will take care of guild task’s . That is until you have finished kingdom upgrades . One hand washing the other . We have a great group of people already . 20 thousand guild seal’s a week is becoming common now , we have finally made top 100 list in tower event . Were growing together and growing fast . We Help those ,that will at lest help them selves .


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Hi turtleman, which position is your guild?

Hi ,VLASH , right now are guild tasks level is 107 . We have 45,000 trophys . We are averaging 20, 000 guild seal’s a week . We also made the top 100 list with last tower event . In this doom event ,we just received vault key ,level 7 i think it is . With guild wars ,we are just crushing guilds . We Haven’t lost one yet. Yet key word . Guild rank is like mid 500 to 600 ,last i looked . We have only been fighting guild wars for about 9 to 10 months . So we are running up through the ranks.

We have 3 opening right now .

:turtle:man our trophy count is at 74,ooo now , we have also completed all guild tasks . We average around 23,000 guild seal’s a week . Growing fast , we are .