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Heroic gems, moving forward

Since we all enjoy the Lycanthropy gem, a heroic purple gem, so much, here are some ideas how the game could move forward in the same spirit:

  • The Chill gem, a heroic blue gem.
    Effect: When destroyed by your team, it slows down board speed of AI turns by one extra notch (e.g. from 4x to 3x, capped at 0.25x speed). When destroyed by the AI team, it slows down board speed of your turns by one extra notch.
    Notes: Players benefit in both cases, they get to enjoy either their moves or the AI moves in much more detail.

  • The Rebirth gem, a heroic green gem.
    Effect: When destroyed by your team, it resets the battle to the very start, your team gets the first move. When matched by the AI team, it also resets the battle to the very start, the AI team gets the first move.
    Notes: This adds a thrilling level of strategy to the game. Do you dare to ignore Rebirth gems in hopes that the AI won’t destroy them and get a head start on you? Or do you rather restart the match yourself right away?

  • The Charity gem, a heroic yellow gem.
    Effect: When destroyed by your team, it resets collected battle resource (gold, souls, maps) of the AI team to 0. When destroyed by the AI team, it resets collected battle resources of your team to 0.
    Notes: You also get a Flash Offer for gold, souls and maps (as a combined bundle) after each battle.

  • The Earthquake gem, a heroic brown gem.
    Effect: When destroyed by your team it, jumbles the whole opponent team. When destroyed by the AI team, it jumbles your whole team.
    Notes: Everybody loved pure level 500 faction runs in The Labyrinth jumbling your teams around, especially in the final boss room. It’s time to bring the fun to all other areas to the game.

  • The Ragequit gem, a heroic red gem.
    Effect: When destroyed by your team, Luther pops up and quotes a random game guide. When destroyed by the AI team, Luther pops up and walks you through a random tutorial you’ve already completed.
    Notes: Players will finally learn enough about the game that bug reports don’t have be labeled as “Not a bug, works as designed” all the time.


The red gem really made me laugh :laughing: Hopefully you will never work for 505…


Please don’t give them more bad ideas. They’re already stocked with those as far as I can tell …


You forgot to list all the bugs. Oh wait, I’m sorry, the QoL issues.

Chill gem: When matching two of these, the 0.25x speed cap is removed and the speed is 0. A game restart is needed to resolve this.

Rebirth gem: When a battle restarts, enemy troops keep their buffs.

Charity gem: If there’s a raven or gnome, they will not drop sigils or gnome rewards, as that battle resource was intended to be reset to zero.

Earthquake gem: When a team with duplicate troops are jumbled, the duplicate troop dies.

Ragequit gem: Tutorials can be from any game platform. If you encounter a tutorial from a different platform (example: mobile when you’re on switch), the game crashes.


Yes, but on the Positive side, there are 2 new Dev Support personnel, and one less Word Salad Guys to worry about.

Be well all, don’t forget to check Salty’s links if/when the Terror gets to dark.

“I never said I didn’t have 1$ a week for campaign, i said i didnt want to fight the campaign”. :+1:

(And they called me a bot…Liara T’soni never called me a bot…)

This is working as intended, but thanks for your feedback. We’ll consider these changes and maybe update it in a few months/years.


Great news, fellow adventurers!

You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening! Your most requested feature is finally coming to Gems of War!

Patch 6.0 is introducing a new gem type in addition to our regular colour gems, stone blocks, lycanthropy gems, potion gems, wildcard gems, uber doomskull gems, super gemmy gems, crash-your-game gems and instant retreat gems.

Get ready for flash offer gems!

That’s right, match any 3 flash offer gems and the game will return you to the world map and generate a very reasonably priced exclusive flash offer tailor made for your account*¹!

Match 4 or more flash offer gems and get an additional 10% off!*²

Destroy or explode flash offer gems in a W shape to generate a weapon offer!*³

*¹ Offers generated by flash offer gems may not actually be tailor made for your account, this is by design.
*² Combining more than 3 gems may cause the game to pause for 5 minutes, this is by design.
*³ Shapes other than straight lines may return players to their operating system’s desktop, this is by design.


Don’t forget ‘radio silence’ gems…

Match these and you will have no clue as to what happened or will happen…


so much pain in this thread…


Here are some ideas for some Eternity Gems. Just some possibilities, probably needing improvements.

Disclaimer: Any similarity to something you might have seen in comic books or movies is purely coincidence.

Blue (Space Gem)
Randomly shuffle the positions of enemies. Reset allies to starting positions.

Yellow (Mind Gem)
Steal all enemies’ mana and distribute it to allies. Steal 1 magic from each enemy and distribute it to allies.

Red (Reality Gem)
Inflict 1-2 random negative status effects to all enemies. Set 1-2 random positive effects to all allies.

Purple (Power Gem)
Increase each ally’s attack by 10 and enrage them.

Green (Time Gem)
Freeze all enemies. Thaw all allies. Gain an extra turn.

Brown (Soul Gem)
Gain 10 souls. Steal enemy’s collected souls. Bring back to life, at full stats, all killed allies.


i realy like Earthquake gem. sounds like these should spawn obligatory during each GW week.

Ragequit - meh

Rebirth gem could give a random troop “rebirth effect”, which would trigger on units death and make it respawn with lvl equal to it’s magic (sunbird theme). that would definately be annoying and prolog battles, could also be lifesaver in delves…

However, both the ‘negative’ effect on enemies and the ‘positive’ effect on allies will include lycanthropy.

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Does anyone know for certain if we’re stuck with these lycan gems for 10 weeks or just this week?


Official News: Campaign Begins: Moon Flask – Gems of War

In short: Lycan Gems for the whole campaign and the drop rate will increase (I assume with the start of every new week of the campaign).


This is a good example of subtext. We’re really talking about lycanthropy gems through this veil of humor. I was exploring and those gems gave me an unpleasant experience. Please tell me their prevalence will not go up over the campaign. Imagine a storm that does lycanthropy gems. How awful could that be? An endless match until you rage quit. Things could be worse.


The last GW of this campaign is gunna be a mess.


Please keep these awesome ideas coming!

And please for the love of Krystara DO NOT implent ANY of these!


Because members “late” to the party often don’t read all the posts and pick up on the Subtext. Especially when blocked by text walls from Word Salad Man.

Please, i say Again, Do NOT implement Any of these without first consulting thru a community Ambassador (i.e., someone other than Word Salad Man…he has enough to do on his plate. (I hate salad)…:smile:

Word Salad Man thought he was Strong Enough to do Explores on Lvl 12…Vlad the Unsated; the Elf / Mystic with the Cleanse, Barrier, and Skull spam (Dark Priestess, had to look her up); Werewolves and Villagers and Lycans? Oh my,…0 for 2.

Never get off the boat. Bad things happen…May i change my vote please? Ragequit a battle? Yes. Please don’t ever Ragequit gems. We need a stronger community, not a weaker one.

Subtext. :grinning: :+1:

If there are more of these gems incoming over the campaign, that means any team that uses exploders (like almost all FAST/SPEED teams) will be slowed down even more. I mean you can’t explode/destroy the board with the likes of Thrall, Leprechaun, Angry Mob, Marilith and co if just 1 of the damn things are on. Imagine 6.

It just doesn’t make any sense.

The GoM gem, a heroic multicolour gem.

Background: GoM became GoW in 2016, when it randomised the orientation of the ‘M’. QA accidentally came across this ‘issue’ recently, and decided to incorporate Heroic Gems to better reflect the game’s original name.

Effect: next time you touch your screen, all troops on both sides become Mongo; failure to touch the screen will result in the effect happening twice. All gems are transformed into GoM gems until the end of the match. There are reports of some kingdoms being turned into Mongo: please note that this is by design and working as intended.

Note: the GoM gem is matched with any other colours, even if said colours are distinct among themselves. By the time you’re done reading this, you may already have become Mongo.

Welcome to Gems of Mongo.
:stuck_out_tongue: :man_facepalming: :vulcan_salute: