Heroic gems and what they do

There are getting to be so many heroic gems in the game and many more to come.
A guild mate suggested that it would be nice when you hover over the heroic gem that it tells you exactly what it does.
Simple enough right?
Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:


They don’t seem to able to fix even graphic bug going on for a month in mobile.

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Remember how Luther popped up with an explanation the first time you encountered a particular Heroic Gem? I agree there needs to be some persistent way of seeing this information. Not sure what, though – and it would need to vary per input method:

Some ideas:

  • Touchscreen: maybe a “long press” to pop up a tooltip explaining the Gem touched, or alternatively a “?” button appears in a corner when tapping the Gem (note that tap-and-slide as a single gesture is different)
  • Mouse: Right-click to pop up a tooltip explaining the Gem clicked
  • Controllers: Map an extra controller button to pop up a tooltip explaining the gem under the cursor

Great idea :bulb: ! I like it. :+1:

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Let’s try and stay positive here. Anything can happen.:pray: