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Heroic gem bugs, part N: Electric Boogaloo

Patch 5.7 fixed potion gems taking first turn from the player. Two new bugs were added.
Patch 5.6 fixed heroic gem conversion, explosion, destruction and removal and how these relate to and interact with gems of their respective colour.

Heroic gem creation, troop colour interaction and accounting for colour gems in calculations are still broken. Potion gems grant mana to the enemy and trigger traits when activated before first turn (explosions, skyfall matches).

Partial list of bugs and troops affected and developer responses:

5.6 [Investigating] The Grey King - Does destroy colour gems but will not deal damage to enemies of that colour when cast on a heroic gem.
5.6 [Reported] Sycorax, Honor, Courage etc - Can be cast on heroic gems, will double colour gems instead.
5.6 [Radio Silence] Tuliao - Can be cast on heroic gems, will not enchant troops of that colour.
5.6 [Radio Silence] Shaman of Set - Can be cast on heroic gems, does not account for colour gems.
5.7 [Reported] Potion activation at the start of battle assigns mana to the enemy.
5.7 [Reported] Potion activation at the start of battle triggers traits.

E2: Updated for 5.7


From what I understand, Lycanthropy gems only count as purple gems for the sake of giving mana when matching them. They are categorized as “Heroic Gems” just like the Uber Doom Skulls, and are treated differently than purple gems when selected by troops for spell effects, as they aren’t considered normal purple gems. This came up in beta testing, specifically when troops spells are targeting heroic gems like lycanthropy, they all functioned this way.

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It should behave like normal purple gems though in @sls 's examples. For example, consider Grey King. He does damage to all troops of the selected color
Obviously, he cant select skulls then and sure enough the game doesnt allow it.

Since Lycan gems can be selected, it should be safe to assume that Grey King is treating Lycan gems as purple.

So, either Lycan gems need to be disabled from being selected, or purple enemies should be damaged. I vote the latter since Lycan are ultimately purple gems, they’re just special. It’s like skulls and doomskulls. Doomskulls are just special skulls, and skills like Finley’s treat doomskulls as skulls.


Agreed. This was passed on that we thought heroic gems shouldn’t be selectable at all so there wouldn’t be this confusion in our feedback. Hopefully that gets implemented in the future.

All of this also applies to other heroic gems. Post edited to include Mana Potions.

Updated for 5.7