Heroes counting as the Avatar's species

I would really like to be able to have my hero count as the species I select for my avatar.
I really like using Raksha troops and I find it a bit of a shame that my Raksha hero can not profit from team Boni or from the increased effect from Spirit Mane (who was a really welcome addition with his buffing and extra Red Mana, I have to say).

I think a lot of other players would also like to use their hero as part of a strategy that focuses on a specific troop type.

Heroes can gain a type through their class, but it seems perfectly feasible to also let them have the troop type that corresponds to their avatar.

It would be nice to have a similar option for your home Kingdom, but I can see that that would be hard to resolve with the existing system of a hero counting as being from their class’s Kingdom.

I always thought that this idea would be neat as well, but I can see good and bad with it, like all things. Really, and forgive me for assuming that I’m mirroring the developer’s intentions, but I believe they wanted players to be free to select a race based on what looks cool to them or pleasing at least, not based on what helps out a team even if they don’t like the way their hero now appears. Also, racial bonuses are dependent on classes, and if you were a Wargare hero, with the Titan class, you’re now a hero, Wargare, Giant (assuming you’ve maxed the class), unless you’re implying they sub out the “hero” race for the respective race of the hero’s appearance. Also, who’s to say that they aren’t intending to add classes that allow you to play a Raksha, Wargare, Naga, Human, Elf or Orc? They have the “coming soon” message indicating that there WILL be other classes. I think it’s a safe bet to hold out and wait for them to release a class for what you’re asking for, just a matter on when or if they’ll even do something like that.

Does the “hero” type actually do anything anyway? I was thinking that it could just as easily be dropped, it seems, I may be wrong, that it is there more to have a type when you do not have any class that gives you one.

I think it would be rather neat to have a it more freedom to change what your hero counts as.
Not all classes are equal - and we already have duplicates in terms of what you count as. I think it would open up a bit more versatility.
Ideally, I would like to have both Avatar Race and Home Kingdom actually have gameplay effects, but the latter really clashes badly with the class system.

So far, no class I think has provided any playable race, aside from I think Bard making you count as Wildfolk?

So this would fill up a lot of so far unavailable options.

If not then I do hope we get a Prideland Class soon that makes you count as Raksha, though Wargare would then still be in a bad spot as their Kingdom already counts you as a beast for its (alas rather weak) class…

Classes really could do with some updates in general. It is a bit boring if there are a few good ones and a larger amount of classes, that see little use.

Well, to be fair, that does also go for other troops and a lot of weapons too…

As far as we can “see” the Hero race doesn’t do anything to manipulate gameplay. However, like the invisible Apocalypse and Primal kingdoms, it may be some form of coding workaround or other unknown purpose.

I still agree with what you’re saying, that the Hero race is overall unimportant, and I don’t see why we couldn’t just drop it in favor of the playable races.

Also, as far as classes, you’re spot on again. MANY, if not MOST of the classes need severe overhauls. It’s as you stated, there may as well be no hero race for that class if the class fails in comparison to other ones resulting in not even selecting it. If they intend for the Hero class to mean ANYTHING, you’d think they would have that race reserved to mean that the Hero is a very strong character, which, if not equipped with Dawnbreaker or some other overpowered weapon, the Hero is just another amongst a sea of mediocre troops. It’s a shame, because I would like to use my Hero, but I can only see using him on a Giant team with Thorodin or some other niche class/team set-up.

On that note, I’d REALLY like some better custimization for the Hero. I’d rather not look like a potato with a disease on 80% of the options, but I know they won’t improve on THAT mechanic unless there’s money to be made from doing it.

I agree. I really like the wargare species and obviously I’m wargare - you can tell by looking at me. So it makes no sense that in a team I don’t count as a wargare. What am I, chopped liver?