Hero Voice Change?

Would anyone else like a way to change it? My main problem is with the Lapina. It’s a bunnygirl! So cute! Now, I normally play with the sound off, but on the occasion I turn it on, I’m greeted to this horse, growling sort of battlecry when my hero attacks. It’s quite a jarring experience, and not at all pleasant to the ear. The weird thing is, if I change to elf the voice is the same. It’s harsh and bestial, not…elf-y. If I could just have either new voice packs, or a way to select from the available ones, like the human, I think it would be so much better.

Who’s with me?

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Hey Reborn!

That’s one way to put it :joy: Most of our Legendary & Mythic Troops are given custom sounds/voices, and some special Epics do as well (e.g. Fizzbang). Unfortunately, voice overs are incredibly expensive (paid per word!) and considering the number of Troops we release each week it’s tricky. Sirrian has discussed this in more detail on a developer Q&A once. I think, for Heros though, this may be something to consider.

…What would a Lapina sound like, though? :thinking:

@Sirrian is very capable himself of giving some good hero voice overs, I think especially the bard for an overly dramatic Shakespearean effect. For the rest, forum contest for best submitted hero voice over lol

I dunno…they’re bunnies tho, so I was thinking like…higher pitched and fast, but not annoying. Cute. For some reason I’m feeling Neon Katt from RWBY, that sort of thing.

Though I’d settle for just having the ability to change to the human voice, that’s pleasant enough on the ear. Maybe I’m just really audio-sensitive, but to me the current voice sounds more like a lizard woman than a bunny woman. Y’know?

Of course, all I’ve discovered is that voice changes with the race of your hero. Are there other factors, like class?

They’re not as cute as everybody supposes…


I can’t agree more on this :expressionless:
I always play with the sound on but majority of the hero classes i played so far sounds like Gollum with lung cancer…

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I usually play w music from sound cloud or a YouTube thing.

I’m with u. Change the hero voice perty please :speak_no_evil:


They’re not as cute as everybody supposes…

Cuteness is in the eye or ears of the beholder.