Hero perks %#$%@#$%@#$%


Continuing the discussion from 1.0.9 - Known Issues:

The perks unlock pretty early in the game for new players. When they do, they are very strong.

I haven’t seen all the special weapons yet, but looking at the Priest one, 6 life and cleans, vs some of the mastery unlock weapons like Yasmine’s Chalice, and you wonder if the class weapons are suppose to fill niches early to mid-game.

The class traits look strong, but costly to unlock, so I suspect they are balanced for late-game.[/quote]

IMO a ‘counts as Giant’ type ability should just open and stick, not changeable for magic or life every few minutes. That just doesn’t make sense from any aspect.

At the least the amount of perks on at the same time should grow with class level.

The traits cost 10+6 arcanes like legends, nuff said, ignore for me.
Would not invest in that even if had stones until class switch is free.


That would be horrible to do. That would make a class automatically take extra damage from the counter. Currently, there is no troop or weapon that does extra damage based on a troop being a hero, but there is a 2x and/or 3x for every classification of troop. Having it as a constant would just make hero easier to counter.


Provided he is of certain class… Why is that more horrible than having the same extra damage on other typed troops?

But if that is a concern there is an easy way out: make it count as troop/kingdom only for considering team bonuses, nothing else.


I suppose technically it IS worded “for the purpose of team bonuses” so the counters may not count at all, not sure, someone test please, me too lazy. :wink: