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Hero Classes and switching banners

My home is Mist of Scales and I’m the Assassin class. I want to build the Titan class up, but does that mean that I have to switch to Stormheim (Titan class) while I’m building it up? Or can I stay in Mist of Scales and still use the Assassin banner.

Hero class XP is awarded for winning battles with a Hero of that particular class.

Home kingdom and banners do not affect the XP gained.

So, if you want to level Titan class, use a Titan Hero in battles.


Titan is definitely a priority class because it has fast start for itself and any other giants (eg rock troll) in the team. If you get it to level 40 it gains ‘rock solid’ ability which is a great perk to have. But yes, Graeme is right. Your home Kingdom dictates your tribute boosts mainly and has no bearing on team selection, hero or anything else. You can be any hero type you want no matter what home Kingdom you have chosen.

As mentioned above by others:

Your Home kingdom only affects your tribute gained.
And your banner affects bonus mana gained by your troops(in that team) while in battle.

You can pick up any class you want, and use it. By winning battles you will earn class experience(needed to unlock more talents) for the class that you are using. It’s unaffected by your kingdom/banner.