Hero Class Mechanist does not activate

I did the quest in Adana. (“No more available quests”)
The Hero Class Mechanist is still unlocked.

I just found the same thing too. Quest done but didn’t unlock. Whether it unlocks early or after the reset tomorrow doesn’t matter to me. As long as it unlocks. :wink:

i want to discover and use it. what can it do? what is its spell? i must know.

Good news!
We’ll be pushing out the Mechanist Class early.

HOWEVER, at this time he does NOT have a Legendary Trait for his third slot. That requires a change coming in 2.0 in order to work… so for now we’re making him “Armored”

And apologies to our players in languages other than English… the class unlock quest will not be translated yet.


Ok you got me interested very much. Some more details about the change? It has to be a huge change when it can work at this point (and we do have many, many different traits at this point :slight_smile: )

Doesn’t have to be ‘huge’, it could be a simple game mechanic that is not available yet, such as a new status effect.

Remember this is a ‘third legendary trait’, which means it’s unique, so the effect may be unique as well (take Gloom leaf’s Thorny or Psion’s Siphon for example).

Oh let it be huge :slight_smile:

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Huge already exists :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Then we need something larger then huge (and no imense is not big enough) :stuck_out_tongue:

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giggity. giggity.

how about GARGANTUAN!

That looks big enough :slight_smile: