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Help with team... Frostmage or Bard!

Hi All.

I am quite new to this game and I would like to have some help from you guys.

I plan on building this team:

  • Gorgotha
  • Stormsinger
  • Taloca
  • Dawnbringer (Bard/Frostmage)

I have the first 3 troops but no Dawnbringer yet (but I will work on that).
My question is whether Bard or Frostmage is the best choice for this team.

Frostmage has some good synergies with Stromsinger/Taloca, summoning storms and the late talent that gives1 magic per ally cast (Bards late talent is useless). But still Bard has the Bardic Inspiration which is really good in any yellow team.

What are your thoughts?

(…and any other suggestions or comments besides the bard/frostmage decision are all welcome)

I use right now:
Divine Ishbaala
Bard/Divine Protector +9 (to be replaced by Dawnbringer SHORTLY)
Remember, Bard gives +1 to all stats to each troop but not the hero in this team. Dawnbringer will allow the +1 stats increase.

If you’re new-ish and don’t have a ton of high levels on hero classes, Bard is probably your best bet for the time being. Taloca will multiply that extra magic gain, which is good.

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I agree with Shim 100%

Ok… Bard, it is then… Thanks for all your help… :slight_smile:

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you’ve gotten great advice here, but i want to add that Titan hero class is ridiculously awesome. it works with everything. check it out sometime, the talent tree is amazing.

Bard for traits and early talents, Titan for full talent tree (and traits).

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Dawnbringer is an endgame weapon, you’re not earning it any time soon so you should plan a team with a different weapon.

Thanks for all the great advices…

@UKresistance: Yes, I found out that it’s hard for me to ever craft Dawnbringer with those high costs.

I noticed that this team with Gorgotha is really slow, because both Stormsinger and Gorgotha has yellow.
I am also using this setup which is much faster:

  • Stormsinger
  • Taloca
  • Azura
  • Hero

Can I maybe further improve this setup with a specific Hero/Weapon or changing Azura (but I like her because she almost refills the whole team again + an extra turn most of the times).
But Stormsinger is weak on skull damage and not so tough. And if i wanted to use Bard then Azura would be changed with a yellow/blue something, and what could that be?

What are your thoughts and advices on this setup?