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Help please. Xbox one problems with account

My hero lvl 225. Nickname El_Clasic0. Guild The LeMans. Invite code EL CLASICO_JKKA
I cant join menu Guild and no bonuses from Guild. I can’t invaiting another player( always loaded the menu without continuing).
I contacted support 3 days ago but received no response and the problem still remains. I hope support will see this message and the process of solving the problem quicker.

El Clasico,

Arelin here… I’m having same issue in same guild. I also cannot play PVP. I can access PVP menu, but when I choose to fight, it just cycles endlessly and never loads the fight. I have had this issue for 1 week now. I submitted a ticket to support but they have not found the cause yet. Is anyone in any other guilds having this issue? Maybe it is just our guild. Can anyone in our guild still get in? I hope they don’t kick us out!


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Hey uwsublime which support did you write to 505 Game support or our support?

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I contacted the support. They removed me from the Guild. Now everything works.

505 games support as directed in this forum.

same problem over here. Nickname: GOD21LL4, Guild: The LeMans.
I contacted several times the support (also Microsoft) but no reaction.
Don’t wanna be removed from the guild…is there any other solution?
Played on the same console with my sons account in another guild and everything worked fine - must be a guild issue. Please notice that the guild leader was not inactive until this issue happened.
Thank you in advance for any help.


I am in the same guild : LeMans
and i have the same problems
so can anyone removed me from the guild ?

btw the guild leader is not longer in the guild

Any update on this issue? Seems our guild was destroyed over 2 weeks ago and we still cannot play PVP or guild functions.


i send a ticket to 505 games with the Problem and they removed me from guild too
now all is working fine :slight_smile:

I put my ticket in 2 weeks ago and they haven’t fixed my account yet.