HELP! New need help Ps4


I just want to know two things for PS4 edition.

  1. How on earth do I switch weapons
  2. What are troops and how do I use them?

  1. You first need to unlock new weapons by leveling up your hero (main character). Once unlocked you “recruit” whatever weapon you want to use from the troop selection menu.

  2. Again you need to unlock troops to use them. This is done by beating chapters of the main story but largely you get troops from treasure chests. You either buy iron keys with gold or magic keys with Gems. Iron keys are the easiest to initially obtain.

Regardless of what chest key you purchase, currently you get 3 troops for every 1 key used. Magic chests in theory have a higher chance of giving you better troops.

Once you have unlocked both weapons and troops, you can create a team of up to 4. You have full flexibility what troops / weapons to use. The main character is even optional and duplicate troop cards can be used.


What level can I do that at? I’m at lvl 7. I have 6 weapons and 6 “troop” people.


Now creating a team of 4 (always use 4 troops once possible) is all down to preference but in general a good bit of advice is try and have a team made up of multiple different mana types. That way no matter what colours you match in game, you are in theory always going to be charging up a team member by making gem matches.

The troops you can unlock have different classes:

Ultra Rare

In general the rarer the card, the better the skills and stats once you get your troop to lvl 15. Though if you want to know if a card will become good or not this site has a very detailed troop list, detailing stats at each level and most importantly what the stats are going to be at lvl 15 (max troop level). Also you can find out how many souls it will take total to level up said troop.

Why many people always keep the main character as part of their team of 4 is because he/she has no level cap and also has a wide selection of weapons with various skills attached to them.


What controls do I use to recruit. It’s not even showing up for me:(


On the world map screen there is a menu called Troops. This is where you level up troops, assemble teams etc.