Help needed

Were do all the little achievements go.
Were ccan i see what i havnt got.

And if i cant, is it just another useless thing in the game, that should be removed.

Anyone know anything please reply cheers.

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You mean the ranked PVP highlight (e.g. “Murderer III”) ?

The game does not track them for you, this is not an “achievement list” to be rewarded for. But maybe someone in the community has assembled a list of them…

I dont want a list.

I want to know why there there.

Whats the point.

Why did someone put them in the game, if there there for no reason.

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Assuming you mean "Murder III "in the photo, it is an MVP award for the battle. They are mostly flavor for the game, with one associated achievement (e.g., The Real MVP.) The MVP awards have been around quite a while. The date on my achievement is 04/04/19.

So it is an achievement thankyou.

Were can i see it.

Or is it just listed in the xbox achievements.

Think The Real MVP is the only Xbox achievement related to this