Help me with my giants team!

I’ve been tweaking my team of Giants for a couple months - thought I’d post it here for discussion & tips.

Main team is currently:

Ettin (***)
Gob-Chomper (*)
Stone Giant (
I run with the Old Gods banner, for +2 purple. (So every purple 3-match fills Aziris.)

3 Giants from Broken Spire gives me +6 life, +2 attack. 3 of my troops have “Big” - so +1 health on 4-or-5 match. Stone Giant has Giant Bond for another +2 life.

I also have Ogre (***) (Frenzy, Big, Regeneration) and Terraxis (no useful traits) available.

For a long time I ran Ogre, Ettin, Aziris, Gob-Chomper. But once I had all the traits on Ettin, I swapped in the Stone Giant, to make faster use of the Ettin’s huge attack power. (Also, he helps me get the 5 red/purple necessary to use Aziris every 3-4 turns.)

Ogre’s traits are MUCH better than the Ettin, but obviously his spell is useless. (Which is fine - let it fill up, then never cast it!)

Terraxis was something I wanted to get into the team somehow, because some reliable gem transformation could help me get my Big trait off more frequently… but it just never really worked well enough. Using Aziris just got me those skull attacks much faster, which was more than worth the loss of transformations & kingdom bonus.

Stone Giant still needs a couple traitstones before I can give him Stoneskin - but he already soaks up the blue/green mana, and gets rid of the red gems that make Sheggra teams scary, so I’m happy with him already. His random-target spell isn’t especially useful though. Gob-Chomper is targeted & excellent (bonus to Monsters & vs Goblins, skull bonus vs Marauders), and Aziris is just amazing utility.

Anyone else trying a team like this? Have any thoughts? Experimental troops for me to try?

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Recently I am a big fan of themed teams like yours. I’ve never played a giant team so far.

I did some brainstorming and these were the results (all suggestions):

  • Change Ettin for Elf-Eater. His traits don’t seem to be uninteresting, but they are expensive.
  • Cyclops or Jarl instead of Aziris. This gives you a fourth giant. Cyclops is a strong attacker, while Jarl can support the Chomper.

You can also drop Aziris for a Valkyrie, and put her in second place. Use her conversion to power both the Ettin and Stone Giant. They both run off blue, and both have big, so all that quick blue is nice.

Since Gob-Chomper is empowered, he can probably stay in position 3 even against goblins. That would take some testing to know if he should be ahead of the Valkyrie, but I would say he’d still power up well, and could use her as a non-casting shield if the Ettin went down.

I have no Jarl, unfortunately. :frowning:

Cyclops is possible - it’s too bad he’s Grosh-Nok. I think there is a good Stormheim-based Giants Team with Berserker, Frost Giant, and Jarl… though it’s tough to get all the arcane traitstones necessary!

I used a Stormheim Team like this:

Serpent, Frost Giant, Berserker, Jarl

It was surprisingly effective.

Frost Giant is a really strong troop - at least theoretically. He deals decent direct damage (albeit to a random troop), and boosts that damage 1:1 with skulls on the board. But he doesn’t remove those skulls, which leads to some really interesting times.

It’s the opposite of my Aziris use, which keeps skulls OFF the board, to minimize the damage Sheggra/Bone Dragon can cause to my team.