Help me choose my next Mythic to craft!

You might want to post in the Gargantaur thread then and share your genius? Because everyone there is complaining.:sweat_smile:

Oh, I complaint there too.

But now you’ve figured it out? Because why else vote for him if you were serious. While I don’t have Gargantaur, I have some others from the list of not-yet-gotten troops and think they are awesome and better than Gargantaur.

This forum used to be fun.


I would go with Euryali. Using her with the Bard class (Dawnbringer weapon in particular) is amazing.

Wulfgarok would be my second choice. I think the strategy of getting him to within his striking range makes him one of the most fun troops in the game.

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I’d say either:

Euryali (useful for its colors)
Scorpius (stat buff is useful)
Skadi (bue perma storm has potential use)
Stonehammer (9 star kingdom for tributes)
Xathanos (no other way to get it)
Yasmine’s Chosen (sometimes its good)

Doomclaw and Jotnar are going to be in event chest soon/soonish, otherwise I’d suggest Jotnar has value.

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That’s what I was gonna say…

There aren’t any ‘must have’ Mythics on the second list. Abynissia, Aurora, possibly Euryali or Wulfgarok.

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craft rhynax as your next mythic

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You should craft…hrmm…that one.


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What bracket do you play your gw in? I’d say that affects the choice. Plague for defence?
Yasmine’s and euralyi are good troops for gw, plus scorp boosting browns on brown day is powerful. Aby is also a good choice.

Thanks everyone for the replies!

Seems like Yasmines or Eurayli are the top contenders, with possibilities of Abynissia or Wulgarok depending on needs.

To answer Neph, we’re generally in bracket 3 of guild wars, sometimes drifting to 2 or 4.

Sounds like your guild isn’t hugely gw focused. In that case I’d probably craft one of the other more offence orientated troops.

I am sooooo reviving this thread once more because I will have 4k diamonds next week and need advice as well on whom to craft. I know the default answer will likely be “Infernus”, but heck, I’m unsure because there’s loads I’d like.

Okay, let’s summarize:

  • I have Aurora, Stonehammer, Yasmine’s Chosen, Elemaugrim, Worldbreaker, Draakulis, Ketras and Pharos-Ra.
  • I am somewhat torn between Infernus, Famine and Plague, maybe Skadi, as mythics I could really need right now. Also considering waiting with crafting in case Voice of Orpheus won’t drop from chests next month; I really want him.
  • I do not have Dawnbringer.
  • I have only a solid team for yellow GW day ready. All other days have either solid teams with only two or three of the color or sucky teams where all have the correct color. Sadness.
  • My main PVP teams are working pretty okay (Khorvash/Valk/Ysa/Mab and Forest Troll/Loyalty/Yasmine’s Chosen/Aurora) and don’t really need the help. Still, any mythic who does well together with Khorvash and Ysabelle, whom I drag everywhere, get a bonus preference from me.
  • I have bad RNG luck and don’t expect anything to drop from chests, ever, so choosing well for the forge is important.

So, uh, is the answer “Infernus”?:thinking:

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Infernus is super strong and fun to use.

Famine is also very strong and that full team mana drain will save your life many times over. Less obvious fun than Infernus but I’d suggest at least as useful.

You also omit Gard’s Avatar - which is very effective with loop teams and a big favourite of mine for pvp invading.


From that list I would say famine and infernus are the standout candidates. Infernus edges it for me because he works better with more troops and can independently do a lot of damage + generate mana.

Just my 2 cents.


Who is better for GW? I suspect that since I don’t do PVP except for reaching tier one, but have no good attacking teams for GW, I should do my guild a favor and focus on a GW unit. My yellow team (Gorgotha, Moloch, Worldbreaker, Bard-Hero) does work well, but beyond that, I have issues.
My problem day is red, without a doubt, so Infernus does seem like the better choice, but I’m not sure… especially since Infernus and Voice of Orpheus share colors and I will go for Voice of Orpheus no matter what.

I always felt like Gard does need at least Mercy in there and that’s not viable for GW if a team all matching the color is wanted, right? So I didn’t really consider him.

I’m glad for the quick help. I need to pick a place to farm arcanes for the mythic I wanna craft. :wink:

I would go with Famine myself. He is the one troop in the game where you breathe a huge sigh of relief when he’s filled…almost like you’re guaranteed that nothing can go too wrong. He’s great in GW, and I believe is still the most powerful troop in the game–his spell is amazing for both offensive and defensive purposes–so he’s useful in regular PvP as well, though maybe not as “fun” as some other troops.


You don’t necessarily need mercy with gard, you could use one or two trolls instead.

I use infernus for all 3 GW days, so he’s good value for the diamonds.

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From reviewing my guild’s tables of suggested teams for GW I’d say Famine is the most consistently used.

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You know my vote would be Gargantaur. Hehe.

Anyway listen to what other people said, go for Infernus. I see you already have Elemaugrim to pair him with. You could try the classic Rock n Troll team once you got them; Rock Troll - Dark Troll - Elemaugrim - Infernus. It’s good for both GW and PvP and good for both offense and defense.

Famine is also one of my favorite mythic since he’s my first mythic. I use it in GW for 3 days when I feel like to play safer than chasing point. He’s slow but very safe. But again, GW scoring system is designed that less risk - less rewards, high risk - high rewards. So yeah.

Oh Gard… I almost forgot he’s exist, lol. He used to be arguably the best mythic in the game. Until Infernus came.

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