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Help me build around my first Mythic :)

Hey there everyone, I opened my first mythic today which is Skadi. I reeeeeaaally want to build around her but I don’t really know how best to go about it. My current team is for soul farming (Sol’Zara, Glitterclaw, Valkyrie and Snow Guardian). I’m pretty sure that Valk would be a must add for Skadi but I’m uncertain what else would go well.

The Legendaries I currently have are

  • Bone Dragon
  • Glitterclaw
  • Imp of Love
  • Infernal King
  • Jarl Firemantle
  • King Silenus
  • Queen Mab
  • Sol’Zara

And if it helps my epics are
Asha, Atlanta, Avina, Aziris, Cthyryzyx, Desdaemona, Dimetraxia, Dragon Cruncher, Elwyn, Erinyes, Fel’Dras, Ferit, Finley, Ghiralee, Gob-Chomper, Hellcat, Herald of Chaos, Keghammer, Lady Anariel, Lord Ironbeard, Luther, Marid, Marilith, Mercy, Mongo, Monster Muncher, Night Hag, Nosferatu, Penglong, Pride Guard, Prince Ethoras, Princess Fizzbang, Rock Troll, Salamander, Scarlett, Ser Cygnea, Sir Gwayne, Sir Snothhelm, Skeleros, Snow-Hunter, Spinnerette, Strygik, Sylvasi, The Silvermaiden, Tomb Spider, Tyri, Venbarak, Visk, Yaga’s Hut, Zephyros

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I’m a new guy here myself. I just wanted to pop in and say congrats on your first Mythic. I just got my first mythic late last week. Sorry I can’t help as I just started playing this game myself but I’m sure there are more than enough people here that will give you great advice.

Why is that your soul farming team???
You want ideally 3 troops with necromancy and sol zara…
Sol in first. Dark troll. Two necro troops.
I use Kerberos and death.

I’m still pretty new (level 70), so i know my soul farming team isnt the most efficient. It gets more souls than the team before it and Glitterclaw works really well for getting to Sol’Zara’s ability

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One possibility would be:
Queen Mab

I use Gorgotha in that first slot, but that isn’t an option, soooo, that something could be a pure tank (maybe Archon Statue which doesn’t mana-block anyone), or something empowered (like Mercy if you have her 3rd trait, or Fire Bomb which only needs one Arcane Rage stone to get the third trait), or an exploder (like Ragnagord, Poison Master, Captain Skullbeard, etc.). The idea is to power-up Valkyrie as quickly as possible, so you don’t want to block yellow or red unless that troop can somehow feed Valkyrie. It doesn’t really matter that much if your first troop dies as long as you can power up Skadi to summon more Mabs. Try not to cast Mab unless there are 13 or more blue gems on the board (which you can obviously help with Valkyrie).

This team is extremely vulnerable against troops with either of the traits “mana shield” or “impervious”, since all of your damage is coming from mana burn, but otherwise is very effective. Getting the traits on Mab and Skadi is quite important to making this team REALLY good, but you can look at that as a long-term project. Valkyrie will help you to gather souls to level up your troops as you go.


If you can trait Skadi all the way, Azura pairs very nicely with her. Azura is the free kingdom Epic from Merlantis.


Do you have 800 diamonds?

The Dragon soul is worth more than any mythic beside Infernus maybe, at your level.

Azura from Merlantis questline is definitely a nice epic to have too


TDS doesn’t farm souls as well though

What do you mean?

At low level he is the best soul farmer by far.

Pair it with Sol Zara and Valkyrie and warlock or something


Glitterclaw it’s unfortunate because he turns blue into green and Skadi n Valkyrie need blue

For OP I would do maybe

Azura or Silver maiden( better tank for sure) but I love Azura stats reduction and blue exploding

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That’s a bit overkill on board modifiers, probably would be better to give the Original Poster a 2nd attacker.

Early game looping team is your best bet I think personally.

Maybe get Rowane from Forest of thorns questline and replace Mercy with it if you feel you lack attack power

I think some of us are missing information here.

Unless I’m mistaken, there’s almost no possibility of the OP actually traiting Skadi. That means her utility of generating a ton of blue goes straight out the window.

Not really sure what to do with her otherwise.

Thanks everyone for the helpful replies. It will take me quite a while to fully trait Skadi, I do already have the first trait for her but the others will be difficult. I still havent finished all the quests for each kingdom (I’ve completed Bright Forest, Darkstone, Divinion Fields, Karakoth, Stormheim, Broken Spire, Whitehelm and I’m currently working on Zhul’Kari). Only need 7 more Major Water Traitstones, 21 Arcane Blade Traitstones and 21 Arcane Spirit Traitstones. I have the Celestial Traitstones already.

As per an earlier suggestion I might go with a troop with empowered in the spare slot with Mab, Valk and Skadi, currently thinking Siren because its relatively easy to fully trait her and i have been able to ascend her to Ultra-Rare.

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As stated by @TheIdleOne, Azura with Skadi makes one of the great ridiculously easy combo on the game.
Use put anything red/brown/green in front, and anything at all, like old socks, a rugged cat or a broken wooden spoon in the last spot, and you have a team.

(A troop with a good « on match 4 » effect is the best ) .


Yao Guai

From your list…
Jarl in front
Mab in back

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