Help deck! hello to all

hello everyone I’m new to the forum and the gem world war … here is my list of monsters , who helps me to find a balanced and strong deck ? thank you so much

For example try:
Shera, dragon egg, boar rider, giant spider.
You have all 6 colors used, you have 2 summoner so opponents on low level won’t be able to beat you, at least not without a big amount of luck, and boar rider and giant spider are a nice combo.
Also you’ll soon find more troops and will be able to make more combinations so don’t worry about that. But until you do try the team I suggested you :wink:

Giant/Stormheim team looks like your best option at the moment.

Frost Giant
Boar Rider

Any +2 blue banner. This will give you a bonus for having 3 giants, and another bonus for 3 Stormheim troops.

You should also check out @Tacet’s videos by researching him in the forums or searching for “Tacet the Terror” on YouTube

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