Help changing forum name to match in-game/Hero name?

If one of the powers that be could provide a little help it would be much appreciated; when I joined GoW, I just used my standard handle, but chose an in-game name that reflected my hero in LOTRO. Now that I am super active in GoW, it’s a bit confusing. Would it be possible to change my forum name (currently stogie3786) to my game name; Polaren ? I researched and found that this was successfully accomplished for Sidousai about a year ago

Let me know if this is possible and if there are any action items I need to handle first. Thanks! Polaren (or Stogie3786) (or J.P.)

Platform: XBOX1

I don’t think you can do it by yourself, it look like the devs can do it for you, ask @Saltypatra she will help you. But i think you will need to wait on monday cause it’s already the weekend in australia

Pretty sure you’re right @Rickygervais. I saw in the post I quoted above that a number of devs responded and handled it for him. I’m hoping for the same :wink: May have to fill out a ticket - but hate to add to the queue… Let’s see what happens.

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waves magic wand sprinkles unicorn dust chants dirty limericks about the goblins of Zaejin

…annnnddddd done! (re)Welcome to the forums Polaren!


I must say brudda i very much would like to hear these dirty limericks about goblins lol

You absolutely rock @Ozball Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

There once was a green one from Zaejin _
Who insisted that he was really Cajun
Said @Vangor "one problem"
You smell like HobGoblin
And now our green friend is ragin’

Thank you, Thank you - you’re too kind.

I’ll be here all week. Be sure to tip your bartenders. :laughing:


@Polaren i love it! Will you be my friend😎

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Lol, I’m thinking about this now! Dan_ozzzy189 aka ‘Nephilim’.

Is that a request for a change? Or still considering it?

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Thanks oz, I’ll pm you when I’ve thought about it. It would make more sense. Thanks.


Lol! I’m reborn… Rooooooaaaaaaaaaaar


Dan Ozzy is dead!
Long live Nephilim!


I hope this doesn’t violate community guidelines :scream:

The was once a mutant goblin
Whose balls had grown out of his chin
They said "listen here kid -
Don’t stroke those in public!"
He said “what? I was merely thinking” :thinking:


Of course @Vangor ! I’m flattered :wink:

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